Titanosaur: Not an Ideal Housepet

New Species of Dinosaur Weighed as Much as a Dozen Elephants:

A new species of dinosaur found in Argentina was a 65-ton behemoth the length of a high-school basketball court, making it one of the largest animals to ever walk the Earth, researchers said Thursday.

Weighing as much as a dozen elephants, the dinosaur stood two stories tall at the shoulder, the researchers said Thursday in Scientific Reports. As it ate, each swallow traversed a 37-foot-long neck. Its whiplike tail measured 29 feet—the length of the current world-record long jump.

When it died, the 85-foot-long creature apparently was still growing, they reported. Its well-preserved remains make up the most complete skeleton known of any species from the Titanosaur family of gigantic long-necked dinosaurs.

Not a good housepet . . .

Source: WSJ

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