10 Sunday Reads

My Sunday morning reads:

• Doubting the Economic Data? Consider the Source (NY Times)
Housel: If Other Industries Were Like Wall Street (Motley Fool)
• SPDR Gold Trust Is Having a Bummer of a Birthday (Bloomberg)
• Amazon and Hachette Resolve Dispute (NY Times) see also How Did Amazon End Up as Literary Enemy No. 1? (Vanity Fair)
• Pimco Paid Billionaire Gross $290 Million Bonus in 2013 (Bloomberg)
• Silicon Valley Wears Failures as a badge of honor in (NYT)
• Verizon’s greed may have finally gone too far (BGR) see also AT&T delays its investment in fiber optic lines until net neutrality rules are set (Venture Beat)
• Pseudoscience promoter Dr. Oz’s Twitter Q&A was a magnificent train wreck (Salon)
• Americans’€™ Cellphones Targeted in Secret U.S. Spy Program (WSJ)
• Uranus might be full of surprises (Washington Post)

What’s for brunch?



China Stocks vs. U.S. Shares

Source: Bloomberg Chart of the Day


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