10 Friday AM Reads

Between the markets, the bone chilling cold, and the terrorist attack in Paris, this weekemd cannot get here soon enough. Of course, we have your morning train reads:

• 2014 was Hedge Funds’ Annus Horribilis (CIO)
• Once the biggest ETF in the land, GLD is No Longer in Top 10 (ETF)
• Beating the stock market has become even harder (Marketwatch)
• Why the Media Started Caring About the American Worker Again (Atlantic)
• A Cult Following for Fed-Themed Tie Commemorating End of Stimulus (Moneybeat)

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    • willid3 commented on Jan 9

      no it did disappoint them, cause it was too good, and not bad enough.

  1. VennData commented on Jan 9

    It’s so funny to watch those pencil-necks from American Enterprise Institute trying to twist the American economy into being some kind of horror show.

    250,000+ jobs created in December. Six million jobs created under Obama. Five million open jobs


    The GOP prediction machine is like watching those stock pickers who constantly get it wrong. Why does anybody give any serious credence to any predictions anyone form the GOP makes?

  2. Concerned Neighbour commented on Jan 9

    It’s hard to beat the market? What are they smoking?

    Just buy the most leveraged bull ETF you can possibly find and there, you’ve done it. Falling “markets” are now illegal, figuratively if not literally.

  3. VennData commented on Jan 9

    Back in December Ken Langone said that “Retailers are having trouble moving product out the door.”


    That was obviously wrong. Why make something like that up and say it on TV where everyone can call you on it?

    What a GOP tool.

  4. hue commented on Jan 9

    Territory Annexed (The Awl) the fb video kills the publishing star

    If Your Robot Buys Illegal Drugs, Have You Committed a Crime?(io9)

    King of Clickbait (The New Yorker) but dose.com is kinda meh Clickbait Has a New Address (NYTimes) this-story-is-funny-you-should-read-it.html

  5. rd commented on Jan 9

    I found this interesting when I looked at my 401k for the first time in a month. My 401k is made up of 10 funds that automatically rebalance quarterly (e.g. US stock portion is four funds – S&P 500, Mid-cap index, small cap index and active small value). Given all of the multiple market gyrations in the past month since it was rebalanced last, only two funds, REIT and EuroPacific, have moved 1% away from their defined percentage. Lots of sound and fury – but little actual change.

  6. willid3 commented on Jan 9

    vacations in the US. a pretty big chunk of employers dont offer them, some do but in a limited fashion. some do the unlimited version. but that some times ends up not working as designed, since employees will end up working off the clock (or not taking them at all) because they feel that it will spot light as not being team players.

    so instead of just saying its unlimited time off, set a lower limit of vacation days, and enforce it. that ends up working a lot better

  7. DeDude commented on Jan 9

    There seem to be some concern about how to pay for a puny little 6 billion per year so that everybody who qualify are guaranteed at least 2-years of community college. I say if we don’t want to cut a tiny sliver of fat of from pentagon then its is paid for with dynamic scoring, just like tax cuts. The better educated people will be more productive and pay more taxes. This “dynamic scoring” is so cool, everything you like is paying for itself.


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