1971 Ferrari 246 Dino GT M-series

One of my favorites, a gorgeous little thing, originally derided as a “girl’s car — a poor criticism, as it is lovely design has stood the test of time. It is yet another car whose price has run away from me, now unaffordable to buy, and too valuable to be a fun, weekend driver . . .



Source: Classic Driver

Source: Classic Driver

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  1. seth1066 commented on Jan 9

    Fantastic cars. First one I bought (for the dealer I worked for, Thorobred Motor Cars) was a 1973 246 GTS in 1981 for $15K from a member of Firefall. Picked it up in Boulder, CO and drove it back to DC. Serial # 04882.

  2. catman commented on Jan 9

    nice, but I really liked the coupe in the NYT this morning.

  3. Whammer commented on Jan 10

    Curious about the price — looks like ~$400-450K for one in excellent condition like the one pictured….

  4. solanic commented on Jan 10

    My dad had an absolutely perfectly gorgeous ’67 206 in 1975 with which we drove from Allentown PA to New Hope NJ and came in first place at THE main event beating all the fancy pants people who trucked their rides there from NYC, Philly etc. and drove them in from just outside the grounds.

    It was his life long dream to own a Ferrari – he was a blue color worker who had mad skills about “everything” mechanical. Had purchased sports cars, first one I remember was a Fiat Ghia sports car from the early 60s, and would clean em up, win a car show, and sell it working his way up to the 206.

    After the 206 epic win – he was a little excited and we drove a lot of those curvaceous roads back doing around 100mph as much as possible. 206 was glued to the ground. One of my fav memories.

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