A Visual Map of the History of Jazz

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Source: Who’s Like Tatum? via Know More

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  1. Crocodile Chuck commented on Jan 16

    Interesting selection decision for a focal point, and the title, ‘Who’s Like Tatum’. Why?

    Art Tatum was sui generis. No one was like him, least of all Gillespie, Parker & the beboppers [namechecked above]. The only musician I’d consider remotely comparable would be Thelonious Monk [who DID have a connection, however tenuous, to the beboppers.

    If I was mapping this, he’d be on another plane entirely, floating above the firmament, which, in Randy Brecker’s words, ‘looks like flyshit on a wall’.


  2. theexpertisin commented on Jan 17

    A wonderful post exhibiting some extraordinary research.

    So many musical artists. So much talent!

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