Ask Bill Gross . . .

This week I will be sitting down with one William H. Gross, formerly of Pimco, now at Janus, for the next episode in our Masters in Business series on Bloomberg Radio.

I would imagine you might have some questions for him. Well, now you get to ask — You can post a comment here, or at Twitter, hash tag #askbillgross. Think of it like a Reddit AMA.

I will sift through all of the questions, selecting the best ones to Ask Bill Gross.

I expect the show will be rather interesting.



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  1. jhaw commented on Jan 11

    I suggest you ask him “what are the one or two biggest investing mistakes you have made, and what did you learn from the experience?”

    I think this is a good question in general. Most people who are interviewed are well known for their significant accomplishments, so it is easy to focus on those. But I learn as much, or more, from mistakes. I really wanted to hear you ask Jim Chanos that question.

    Thanks and great podcast!

  2. machinehead commented on Jan 11

    Question for Bill Gross: “If you were to leave instructions in your will for the long-term investment of a fixed income portfolio, what would they be?”

  3. StudsTerkel commented on Jan 11

    It’d be interesting to hear about “a day in the life”, and also what he considers his best decision(s).

  4. scottinnj commented on Jan 11

    What is the obstacle for other fund management companies to replicate his record at PIMCO?

    If a fund manager is paid a great deal of money when he outperforms peers, should a fund manager reimburse the funds’ shareholders if he underperforms?

  5. Roland commented on Jan 11

    I’d be interested to see his response to: “Given all the success you’ve had running Total Return and beating the Barclays Agg (former Lehman Agg), do you think that a significant factor is due to the overall decline in interest rates over the past 30yrs. If so, how will you manage the volatility in the future if rates begin to rise from current levels?- how will you try to outperform the benchmark?”

    On a side note, Barry, perhaps another good interview would be with Bill Mcbride from Calculated Risks- always been a fan of his work (synthesizing housing data and providing a logical explanation for his future outlook).

  6. Tip Parker commented on Jan 11

    You might ask him if he uses the economic sectoral balance framework for analysis as Paul McCulley of PIMCO, Jan Hatzius of Goldman Sachs, and Martin Wolf of the Financial Times do. If he does, or does not, why?

  7. sellstop commented on Jan 11

    Ask him if he has an opinion on the development of retirement accounts as a source of savings and what this means from the perspective of politicization of the US Fed. Do all these voters influence the politics of money and interest rates, even in their own deception.

  8. mpetrosian commented on Jan 11

    He does Ashtanga Yoga everyday. Why? What does he get out of it and does it help him deal with professional life?

  9. CD4P commented on Jan 12

    Any thought to, after leaving PIMCO but before starting at Janus, of setting a card table on Venice Beach to grass roots retail sale bonds to the public?

  10. rallip3 commented on Jan 12

    Does he know of anyone who is buying German 10-year Bunds at current prices (yield below one half of 1% p.a.)?

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