Smooth Jazz: Black Sabbath’s Paranoid

I can’t explain why, but I find this hilarious:



Via The Poke

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  1. slowkarma commented on Jan 23

    If I laughed, which I doubt, it was at the contraption in the background. Reminds me of the temple in Spinal Tap. Overall, I’d say that’s a couple of minutes I’ll never recover.

    One of your most popular posts of all time is Greatest American Rock ‘n Roll Band. In a sideways reference to today’s post, I’d like to see “Greatest Rock ‘n Roll covers.” Here’s one that might not be great, but I like it:

  2. scottinnj commented on Jan 23

    The guy who does this – Andy Rehfeldt also does a great smooth jazz version of “Enter Sandman” as well as a great “Radio Disney” version of songs by Slipknot.

  3. The Peak Oil Poet commented on Jan 23


    something horrible that has a veneer of acceptability thanks to what once was considered horrible successfully exposing what is still horrible yet conveying an overall feeling of not quite horrible enough to look away

    a tuneless vocal line exposed for what it is yet somehow still fitting in

    damn, pretty scary that something so obviously horrid can capture ones attention for the duration of the whole song


  4. sellstop commented on Jan 23

    It is the wine Barry.

  5. rd commented on Jan 24

    You may find this interesting. An original composition for cello based on classic rock riffs. This is different from Turtle Island String Quartet’s stuff which is arranging the original rock performance for a string quartet.

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