In light of the discovery of the first new anti-biotic in decades, let’s have a look at the molecular chemistry involved:


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Source: Compound Interest

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  1. cowboyinthejungle commented on Jan 9

    What looks most promising from my perspective is not teixobactin itself, but the process by which it was isolated. Rather than make adjustments to standard microbial culture methods, this group embraced the complexity of the real world, and leveraged it to their benefit. The reduction of many variables to just a few is both a feature AND a bug in the controlled research setting, and so rather than waving away the buggishness, this group has attacked it head on. Today I am grateful for the modern biomedical research complex. Tomorrow?…let’s just enjoy this, shall we?

    • Winchupuata commented on Jan 10

      I have no idea what you just wrote but I’m very happy to know scientists had this very promising break through.

  2. patfla commented on Jan 9

    What intrigued me was iChip, the drug discovery method which made this possible. Drug discovery has become enormously difficult and expensive and the iChip seems an important advance.


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