That French Vine Guy

Great story

Source: NYT

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  1. Herman Frank commented on Feb 1

    How can an agency self-destruct its potential by asking a person who has “moving” writ all over him “to stay”?! Who gave these inexperienced copy-writers the chance to blow it like this? Dumb, dumber, dumbest!

    In Gen-X-times it is not the problem to HIRE staff, but the problem to KEEP your rainmakers/creative gems. Why would the creative ones stay if the horizon beckons and they feel the corporate chains every day? This guy moved every 2 years when young, slept on office floors for 4 months, stayed with the homeless, has 4 mln followers who believe in his “live your dream”-existence, and “you offer him $1mln to STAY PUT!?” Don’t you realize that the money doesn’t mean anything to him if you chain him to a location??! Offer him $50K and help in getting his message across (editing staff, publishing staff, roaming internet, recording hardware) and he would probably have said “Yes, you help me, I help you!”

    Ignorant dumb agency juniors whose innards died long time ago! Their seniors should have killed off the zombies before they threatened to put their teeth in this vibrant potential! Instead, the potential will start running the (next-) moment zombies circle him.

  2. icantdance commented on Feb 1

    the Grigori Perelman of social media :)

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