The Trouble with Hedge Funds

Over the past few years, I have spilled quite a few pixels about issues with Hedge Funds from an investor’s perspective (See e.g., this, this, this, this and this).

My 4 primary complaints are 1) Poor performance; 2) High Fees; 3) Inflated — phoney really — expected returns; and 4) Mis-classification of HF as an asset class.

FT Alphaville has done yeoman’s work covering the finance industry’s coverage of the hedge fund industry. Here is a quick list of some of their commentary:

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  1. BigBlueCrab commented on Jan 13

    I’ve yet to read any meaningful explanations on what is, and will will be happening, / or not, due to oil going from 100 to 47 in as many weeks!!?? Believe me, I know not the first thing to even begin to comment, but wow, I expected to be watching speculators jumping from windows this week. Nary a mention anywhere I look…..hmmmm?

  2. Vitus Capital commented on Jan 14

    Great compendium; much appreciated!

    Now, one for private equity…

    • Vitus Capital commented on Jan 15

      Tweeted this to friend. He could not open due to the login rqmt.

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