Vermont High Schoolers vs Fox News

This is brutal, and utterly hilarious:


Does Fox News Follow Society of Professional Journalists Published Ethics Rules?


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  1. bigsteve commented on Jan 25

    Wonderful. I love the way these young adults use humour to take down Fox News. The best way to get the most informed view of our world is to have a variety of news sources including ones that do not go with your prejudices and use your mind to reason out the reasonableness of what is being reported. And even then you will be fooled occasionally.

    • The Peak Oil Poet commented on Jan 25

      i remember when driving in the (west coast) States was a nightmare – people were just damn rude, selfish – getting cut off from an exit was an everyday thing

      then in the seventies there was a bunch of road rage shootings

      now when you drive there it’s wonderful – you indicate to change lanes and people let you in

      amazing what killing a few heartless, thoughtless, selfish people brings

      yeh yeh, the right to choose your news – great, real democratic, but i think there’d be a lot less Fox type warmongering if periodically the anchors where violently gunned down by some enraged news fan

      they’d be a lot less nasty then wouldn’t they


  2. ilsm commented on Jan 25

    Fox News anomie.

    These students are not fair to Fox News. Integrity has several definitions. The “integrity” Fox News chooses is the same as the “integrity” the mafia expects, that is amoral, loyalty to the boss, party line……………

  3. taxman100 commented on Jan 25

    Nice job kids, you put more journalistic excellence into the piece then Fox News will accomplish in a year of programming. Thanks for the informative reporting.

  4. romerjt commented on Jan 25

    Precious, priceless . . . does anyone know John Stewart’s e-mail?

  5. raholco commented on Jan 25

    The key here is whether or not News Corp figures out how to replace Fox News’s dying demographic. Anyone with reasonably firing synaptic pathways knows that Fox News is just a tool for a recidivistic side of the GOP. The sooner Rupert vapor locks, the better.

    • AnotherKaren commented on Jan 26

      where’s the “like” button here?

  6. VennData commented on Jan 25

    And when Fox News spreads their nonsense, the Republicans that parrot it back refuse to apologize,​Why won’t Bobby Jindal and the other Republican’s admit this was more made up nonsense from Fox News?

    They still all say how bush was a great president and can’t own up to any of the claims that the American economy would tank under Obama.

    Why do the journalists not call them on their crap?

  7. RW commented on Jan 25

    Murdoch’s genius was that he realized that roughly a third of any given population was probably crazy, stupid, bigoted or some combination thereof and, in a wealthy country with sufficient population, that was pure marketing gold; e.g., a population of 300 million properly massaged implied a human asset base of 100 million bedeviled souls. The metaphor is apt because radio and television evangelists have used the model for decades.

    Every other corporate media outlet is driven by the need to carve out a similar niche of some kind and show a reliable profit doing so but the moats won’t hold which is why the pressure for abandonment of net neutrality and content or product protection in recent trade negotiations actually has much more to do with restricting or controlling markets than expanding them.

    I applaud the high schooler’s efforts and suspect they, like many of the young, are already learning that corporate information outlets tend to filter in ways that do not benefit the majority of their audience and therefore should not be primary sources; e.g., The future of the news media is mostly you.

  8. seth1066 commented on Jan 25

    A more apropos title would be, “Vermont High Schoolers vs ‘Watters World.’ ”

    “Watters World” is not Fox News, just like SNL is not NBC News.

    • RW commented on Jan 25

      Very narrowly accurate is a stretch and “apropos” simply ridiculous: Watters World is a source and recommendation of O’Reilly et al and the latter are clearly identified as Fox News.

      The little comedy of pretending O’Reilly, Hannity et al are not actually “Fox News” is fairly apparent to everyone. Only paid trolls and the demented would pretend that this is actually comparable to shows like SNL carried by a network somehow constituting them as an arm of the news segment of that network.

    • Concerned Neighbour commented on Jan 25

      Fox News consists of a number of columnists and partisan hacks parading themselves as journalists. Any thinking person would only need to watch five minutes of this “Fair and Balanced” news to come to this conclusion.

      I personally don’t know how these “journalists” can sleep at night doing what they do. I know I couldn’t.

    • WickedGreen commented on Jan 26

      You explained the answer to the question in your 2nd paragraph in your 1st paragraph.

      Aside from popping pills and washing them down with hard liquor, they sleep at night because they get paid well for doing their jobs.

      As it apparently takes high schoolers to show, journalism has nothing to do with it.

  9. rj chicago commented on Jan 26

    Rome burns and this is what is important? Really?

  10. Livermore Shimervore commented on Jan 26

    I watch Fox “News”. But for the same reason I watch Rachel Maddow on MSDNC. Both are political entertainment. I think even Bill O’Loofah on Fox “News” would admit that there is no journalism going on at Fox after 6pm. And not much journalism going on during their morning Obama-basing shows either. But CNN and MSDNC are up to the same profit venture: to inflame and excite, not really to inform.

    If you want news about America, check out the BBC or listen to them on SiriusXM.

    If a majority of Americans get their political information while sitting on a couch or listening to talk radio then they get the news they deserve.

  11. advsys commented on Jan 26

    Kudos to the students and their teacher. I hope your video gets 10 billion views.

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