10 Friday AM Reads

Here are our end of week morning train reads:

• Walmart CEO Doug McMillon letter to associates regarding minimum salaries (Walmart) see also A stimulus plan for the heretofore unstimulated (TRB)
• Revealed: The experts Apple hired to build an electric car (9to5 mac)
• Why Nasdaq in 2015 is not the same as 2000 (Irrelevant Investor)
• Your Alpha is My Beta (Gestaltu)
• 2015 Breakthrough Technologies (MIT Technology Review)
• These are Not the (Modeling Assumptions About) Droids You are Looking For (Growth Econ)
• Our Amazingly Plastic Brains: Mental and physical exercise can keep the brain fit and help it recover capacities lost to disease and trauma (WSJ)
• Greenlandic fjords and viking ruins await your discovery in Google Maps (Google Lat Long) see also You owe it to yourself to check out Google’s amazing Street View images of Greenland (BGR)
• Has Ayn Rand’s day as a business guru finally passed? (LA Times)
• Our Taste for Alcohol Goes Back Millions of Years (Scientific American)

What are you reading?



2014 vs. 2015

Source: Bespoke Investment Group

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  1. VennData commented on Feb 20

    Mathews, Dean, Steele on Guiliana on claiming Obama Doesn’t Love America.

    Dean: Republicans aren’t mad at Obama, only a few on the fringe.
    Mathews: I know Guiliani. He’s America’s Mayor.
    Dean: I know Guiliani too.
    Steele: Me too. Obama goes and plays golf after every time ISIS kills someone.


    And you wonder why Republicans get away with their Obama is a Muslim, Obama hates America, Obama is Kenyan nonsense? Obama hates whites. Because Democrats are to afraid to humiliate Republicans to their faces. Hey Democrats, start humiliating Republicans to their faces.

    Rudy Guiliani ain’t “America’s Mayor” He is a sad old clown. You hate American principles Guiliani.

  2. winstongator commented on Feb 20

    At first I was going to say that this is very much like Nasdaq of 2000 – this based on Pinterest’s newest valuation. I don’t think that all the social media stocks will make it. Zynga is down 75% from IPO and > 80% down from peak. I like to use twitter, but don’t know how it will monetize.

    That said, the NASDAQ 100 which is referenced doesn’t even include Twitter. It does FB, but they have already shown an ability to print cash. The full NASDAQ would include TWTR, but because it’s market-cap weighted, stocks like that would have a minimal impact.

    This time is different.

    • intlacct commented on Feb 20

      Great link.

      To paraphrase the gold quote:

      “We need governments because men can’t trust financial private enterprise.”

      “Here’s some evidence on the fees that emerged. The “initial load” is the amount of each deposit that is is immediately paid to the investment adviser. The “annual fee” is then paid each year on the balance in the account. As Hastings explains: “Fund managers charged an average load (a fee taken as a share of account contributions at the time of contribution) of 23 percent and an annual fee on assets under management of 0.63 percent, implying that a 100-peso deposit earning a 5 percent annual real return would only be worth 95.4 pesos after five years.” …”

      Happily DIYer…

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