10 Thursday AM Reads

I can tell you one thing: It’s good not to have a job that requires annual testimony in front of idiots. Selecting 10 bulleted morning train reads is much less stressful:

• Can stocks rise in spite of weak earnings growth? (SKrisiloff)
• What is Google’s Market Share for Search? (Priceonomicssee also YouTube: 1 Billion Viewers, No Profit (WSJ)
• On Scarcity (TRB)
• New-Home Sales Are Surging. Why Aren’t Existing Homes As Hot? (Real Time Economicssee also America’s Fixer-Upper Housing Market (WSJ)
• The Popular (But Risky) Habit Of Cherry-Picking Economic Data For Business-Cycle Analysis (The Capital Spectator)

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  1. rd commented on Feb 26

    401k fiduciary standard is going on trial at the Supreme Court: http://www.cnbc.com/id/102451072

    You missed the importance of the Biblical seven year cycle which is dictating the market crash later this year (a distinct possibility but would probably be driven by falling earnings with high valuations instead of just a timing thing): http://www.marketwatch.com/story/stocks-are-gassed-this-i-know-because-the-bible-tells-me-so-2015-02-26

    The Chris Christie piece was interesting. It turns out that the 0.495% management fees for the NJ pension fund are higher than we are paying in our 401k, 403b, and IRA. Apparently, NJ isn’t able to negotiate quantity discounts for an account size several orders of magnitude larger than mine. I wonder how Christie will do negotiating with Putin and Iran?

    • VennData commented on Feb 26

      Youse don’t talk like dat.

      Chris Christie’s staffers would-a put traffic cones outside-a Kiev and vaccinate all-a ISIS!

    • rd commented on Feb 26

      I think they would offer him the choice of having a family or not.

  2. VennData commented on Feb 26

    “…I can tell you one thing: It’s good not to have a job that requires annual testimony in front of idiots…”

    How pissed off are these GOPers at the Fed looking for anyone to blame for being wrong on their economic predictions for six… straight… years.

    “…An Eye’d like to cunn-clood my questions to that Chairwoman by sayin’ Gzus! and Murica!”

  3. Iamthe50percent commented on Feb 26

    ” It’s good not to have a job that requires annual testimony in front of idiots.”

    How sad it is that I instantly recognized the reference.

    • Joe commented on Feb 26

      Gotta give ya an incomplete on this one. Barry left out “grandstanding”

  4. Blue Guy Red State commented on Feb 26

    If the 2012 GOP candidates were circus clowns, the 2016 GOP presidential aspirants seem more like your basic long-tail weasels: shifty, carnivorous and vicious beyond measure. And Christie and Walker come off as the least loony of the bunch! I fear for our beloved Republic yet again…

  5. VennData commented on Feb 26

    Brooklyn men who wanted to join ISIS had plans to shoot President Obama, bomb Coney Island: FBI


    How DARE the US government and Obama listen in on their web trafficking and phone calls!

    Paul Rand and Boehner should sue the FBI and Obama personally for this outrage!

    Get the Republican lawyers in there to stop the evil government from finding out I ordered take away!

    • VennData commented on Feb 26

      How is that lawsuit going against the President? How is the impeachment going?

    • Iamthe50percent commented on Feb 26

      Sorry, VennData. I can’t take the fourth amendment that cavalierly.

    • theexpertisin commented on Feb 26

      Quitting for what other job? The employees at these two places are the bottom of the barrel public school rejects. What company on earth will hire them? What value do they bring to the table?

      They are quitting because Big Government will pay them more in freebies sitting on their ass watching Ellen while sexting with their free phones.

    • Biffah Bacon commented on Feb 28

      Having just transitioned from the private sector to the public sector I have to submit that in my experience and that of my peers you are factually incorrect and your normative right reactionary narrative is actually harmful to your own interests and the interests of the businesses you purport to encourage with low wages and poor treatment.

      Without having local stat breakdowns available, the baby boomer generation is aging out of the workforce despite being forced back in by poverty, hiring freezes, and other “conservative” programs to balance budgets and lower taxes for businesses. For retail/service jobs there have been a surplus of well educated degreed people struggling to get in the door simply because the Reagan/Bush/Clinton/Bush/Obama program of taking America back to 1900 with regard to worker rights has been so successful that it has choked the golden goose. At my new job I do the work of three people but have insurance that covers my growing family; however, there have been no wage increases in over a decade, and the periodic diminishment of retirement and benefits have left retirement prospects somewhere between dire and horrifying. But hey, it only took six months of unemployment paying the state maximum of 733 dollars a month for a family of four to hop from the end of Obama’s stimulus money and high oil prices to what might be a safe harbor in a gov job. How much new stuff can you buy and pay rent/mortgage, food for 4, phone, lights, gas, fuel/bus pass?

      Give me your best pre third ghost post Marley guess how much high living that supports. Then go buy Cratchit some stuff because he is suffering.

  6. rd commented on Feb 26

    I think we are now beginning to see the complete Republican playbook on public pensions:


    You don’t fund the pension benefits while you hand over many of the assets to expensive, underperforming “alternative asset managers”. The resulting shortfall in pension fund assets precipitates a crisis. The obvious response to the crisis is to cut benefits, because more efficient asset management would take money away from deserving, hard-working hedge funds while simultaneously parasitic unions.

    • VennData commented on Feb 26

      We had a GOP state legislator on the local political gab show named Matt Murphy.


      In talking about pensions after his blather about a shining city on a hill after we fix the problem he said ‘We can’t go back and have the blame game.”

      Republicans hate the blame game when they don’t fund pensions. But can create a slippery slope of overt machinations by Obama that created ISIS.

      When is the GOP going to act like policy makers instead of donation taking con men?

    • VennData commented on Feb 26

      Verizon put a Morse code message up to “Protest.”

      The FCC’s #ThrowbackThursday vote on #NetNeutrality brought 1930s regulations to the 21st-century Internet: http://vz.to/1DWTy17

      The same guys who LOVE original intent of the Constitution as a “philosophy” The Republicans don’t have a philosophy. They do anything to keep the powerful entrenched.

    • VennData commented on Feb 26

      Verizon put a morse code message up.

      The FCC’s #ThrowbackThursday vote on #NetNeutrality brought 1930s regulations to the 21st-century Internet: http://vz.to/1DWTy17

      The same guys who LOVE original intent of the Constitution as a “philosophy”

      I guess Verizon doesn’t love the Constitution

      – Rudy Guliani

  7. Robert M commented on Feb 26

    Thank you for more proof Krispie Kreme is a fraud as governor.

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