Kawasaki’s Totally Illegal Ninja Superbike


Kawasaki has unveiled the most powerful production motorcycle ever. The 2015 Ninja H2R generates a ludicrous 300 horsepower from its supercharged engine. (conpare with Alfa Romeo’s 4C that has 237 HP; BMW’s popular HP4 superbike = 193.


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Source: Businessweek

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  1. JasRas commented on Feb 20

    Does the faring look like a transformer or ninja mask or what?!?! Crazy bike. Love it, can’t own it, i’d be dead.

  2. Joe commented on Feb 20

    Yeah it’s insane. Closed course use only and limited numbers. The street version will be more sedate. Well, stock, it’ll be more sedate…
    What’s driving the latest generations of superbikes is drivability. Getting 170 HP out of a naturally aspirated liter race bike was no problem 20 years ago. But peaky powerband does not describe it. 30 HP bump in 500 to 800 RPM made them pretty much straight line rides. Gathering it up put you way behind someone who had his head down all the way through the corner. Traction control makes todays 200 HP street bikes everyday rideable.
    Make me a dollar, Barry and I’ll see about getting one and we can go up the coast…

  3. farmera1 commented on Feb 20

    When I look at this thing what comes to my mind is “death on wheels”.

    • Joe commented on Feb 21

      My first four bikes were Kawasaki A-7 Avenger two strokes in the 60″s and early 70’s. Blindingly fast at the time. Mid 14 seconds inna quarter w/ an experienced rider. That time was real.(Many of the published specs at the time were created with a #100 4′-9″ rider falling down an elevator shaft) And of course I hot rodded it. Everyone who rode it told me I was going to kill myself And eventually I spent a 40 days in the hospital and retaught myself to read and walk. I now own a coupla three 10 second bikes. (A 14 second bike is entry level) and I just retired. Think of it as evolution and/or education in action; selection for those lucky enough to last long enough to learn…. Hell of a ride though….

  4. tagyoureit commented on Feb 20

    Clicked link.
    “Ordering period has now ended.”

  5. RW commented on Feb 20

    A superbike racer sold without warranty tells you what it’s “legal” for.

    • Joe commented on Feb 20

      Hell, I don’t think it’s legal for any race series or organization.

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