Should You Vaccinate Your Child?

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  1. Terry commented on Feb 2

    Why is it that some people believe that you should have a choice about vaccinations when they protect the health, even the lives, of others, but no choice about whether they should have a child.

    • Iamthe50percent commented on Feb 3

      Because they are always Right. (pun intended)

  2. A commented on Feb 2

    The scary part, is that there is no shortage of stupid people.

  3. GeorgeBurnsWasRight commented on Feb 2

    And of course, Chris Christie doesn’t want to tell parents to vaccinate their children but is just fine imprisoning a non-syptomatic adult nurse for several weeks on the off chance that she might get sick.

    • rd commented on Feb 3

      Its even better than that. Measles is highly contagious through when you are symptomatic while ebola requires full-blown symptoms and contact with fluids to be contagious. So, his approach is actually quarantining the wrong people if he wants to prevent disease transmission.

    • DeDude commented on Feb 3

      Yes I am awaiting Christie setting up big tents in the parking lots of NJ hospitals so as to isolate every single person who have had contact with a Measles patient.

  4. Futuredome commented on Feb 2

    not vaccinating is elitist. you can believe nobody can be forced into vaccinating, but not believing it for some personal reason(environmental, religious) is a elitist concept.

  5. Captain Ned commented on Feb 2

    There was a Twitter meme on this subject that I saw recently:

    If my kid can’t bring peanut butter to school, your kid can’t bring preventable diseases to school.

    IMO this perfectly defines the anti-vaccine useful idiots.

  6. sellstop commented on Feb 2

    But there is no cure for stupid.

  7. Herman Frank commented on Feb 3

    I’m missing at the top – after the first “no”-balloon another balloon saying “Here’s your FIRST ticket of $500 PER DAY, which is calculated as percentage cost of the damage you do by spreading an infectious decease”. The proceeds of the tickets go towards the health care system of your state. This will partially alleviate the burden you put on it.

    Reckless driving, DUI driving, malpractice, endangering the life of others, etc. are ALL cause for fines. Why should this non-inoculation be different. Doesn’t have ANYTHING to do with “freedom of expression” etc. “Luxury my A..!”

  8. JohnathanStein commented on Feb 3

    Were I to do it over again, I would NOT get anywhere near as many vaccines for my kids (and myself), nor start them as early. Also, I would look very closely at the total load for all the “Adjuvants”, Preservatives, Carriers and alleged GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) additives.

    This may be the tip-of-the-iceberg:

    If these shots were as “safe & effective” as advertised, there wouldn’t be a $0.75 tax on each to support a separate court system:

  9. DeDude commented on Feb 3

    The origin of the anti-vaccine movement came out of the left “natural lifestyle” and “corporations are evil” sentiments. The idea of injecting children with corporate produced “chemicals” rather than letting the child experience nature as it “is supposed to be”, rubbed a lot of leftists the wrong way. They were desperately looking for an excuse to do what felt “right” to them (and deny vaccines). The hallmark of idiologogs is their ability to cherry-pick data in support of their narratives and to the absurd reject data against those narratives. One horrifically poor (and now proven fraudulent) study with 10 patients will in their mind top dozens of other studies, because it arrived at the right conclusion. Same with Thiomersal where there originally was some science behind the concerns but now the fears are absurd. A lot of the anti-vaccine crowd are immune to facts and we just have to protect ourselves and our children against them.

  10. bigsteve commented on Feb 3

    It is amazing that this is even being debated. The science of statistics has proven that vaccinations save lives. My wife made sure that our kids and her nephews and nieces were vaccinated. As far as Rand Paul goes he is a MD and knows better about vaccination and knows not doing that puts lives at risk. I will never , never vote for that guy.

  11. ByteMe commented on Feb 3

    “As far as Rand Paul goes he is a MD”
    I thought he was an OD…?

    • Iamthe50percent commented on Feb 3

      See? You can cure measles by manipulating the spine. No need for vaccinations. Left my sleep doctor when I found out he was an D.O. not an MD.

  12. willid3 commented on Feb 3

    while i can see rejecting them as wrong, but if some one does, they need to have to have their kids in a different school, with all of the others who also rejected the vaccines. and they cant participate in sports with kids who vaccinated either. plus there are restrictions on the public locations they can go, makes as much sense as the politician who thinks that restaurants dont need to be required to make their employees wash their hands. they only have to put up a sign (seems like a different regulation to me) that says they dont mandate that.

  13. willid3 commented on Feb 3

    course then again, i think if the government is going to give a business a free get out of court pass, then the government needs to be on the hook to make sure that their products are safe, and provide any and all care if needed on the governments dime. coursed that applies to any business that gets a get out of court card. plus government must also be looking into how to avoid the harms to those who do get harmed

    • Iamthe50percent commented on Feb 3

      I think it’s only bankers who have the get out of court free card, willid3.

    • willid3 commented on Feb 5

      well they do get that, but there are many others too

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