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  1. DeDude commented on Feb 4

    But did they get their vaccinations?

  2. RW commented on Feb 4

    The ultimate counterfactual.

  3. Futuredome commented on Feb 5

    Don’t forget we solved climate change and the earth is cooling after we destroyed all the industrial waste.

  4. ronin commented on Feb 5

    Yup, because they were at consistent risk of attack by wild animals, weather, and the random stranger who bashed their heads in with rocks while they were sleeping in caves so they could steal their food.

    Plus, remember, the Indians didn’t die of disease until the white man brought them from Europe–the filthy bastards!

  5. dcramer commented on Feb 5

    I’m not into the paleo thing, but they could point out that many did live past 30, however infant mortality was much higher and they didn’t have child safety gadgets everywhere. This brings down the total life expectancy number to 30ish. If you survived childhood, though you could expect to make it to 54:

    • willid3 commented on Feb 5

      as long as you can avoid predators. you might only have sticks to protect yourselfs with.

  6. S Brennan commented on Feb 5

    The cartoon is a classic piece of dis-information, dcramer has it about right; childbirth [mother & child] dragged life expectancy down, along with un-resolved dental problems. Many Mediterranean neolithic/early bronze age peoples lived long, happy* prosperous, peaceful lives.

    For example; the people [all of them, not an elite] of 1800 BC Thera enjoyed a lifestyle that was not surpassed until late 19th, early 20th century peoples. Unlike Pompeii, the people of the Island [including pets and livestock] were all evacuated prior to the great eruption. Whether they survived is unknown, but consider, nobody [pets included] was left behind to be incinerated.

    I’m all for patting ourselves on the ass for the works of science, engineering, medicine, farming industry and skilled trades great achievements, but let’s try to appreciate that many past peoples achieved great things.

    * We know this from their joyful art

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