Swiss Leaks

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  1. bdw commented on Feb 19

    That financial journalists haven’t posted the question: Why does HSBC still have a license to operate?, publicly and repeatedly is another example of getting played. This graphic shows that facility with numbers is not required to force the question. The amount from Venezuela explains a lot.

  2. NoKidding commented on Feb 19

    I need a few sentences of explanation.

    Google told me “Swiss police have raided the Geneva offices of HSBC Private Bank after launching a criminal investigation into allegations of aggravated money laundering.”

    What do the dollar figures on the graphic indicate?

  3. TerryH commented on Feb 20

    From the linked-to source:

    “Data visualization specialist Martin Grandjean created the map below based on some of that leaked data. For more than $100 billion of accounts at HSBC’s Swiss private banking arm between 2005 and 2007, Grandjean mapped the amount of the accounts by the country origin of the account holder, which could be an individual or a company.”

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