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  1. Seaton commented on Feb 10

    In 60 years, I’ve seen all sorts of ‘funny-man’ stuff, and recall vividly expressions that are no longer used/said. “You can take that to the bank”. “All the news fit to print”. “The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you God,” and such. Dull, honest Walter Cronkite delivering the news—and how we learned that Vietnam war was falling apart, America losing. (What didn’t he tell us?)

    The “Court Jester” is the only one that can speak truth to the King, but in a ‘funny-way’. A participatory democracy is the best form of government…’cept a few hundred can now buy the elections with impunity.

    “800 Families run Mexico,” now it seems like they run the world. Brian Williams, so easily typical of the “reporters” that lead & mislead one and all, depending upon the Networks’ agendas. Fell for his own humanness, his own hubris.

    The book 1984 is spot-on. And, so is John.

  2. Singmaster commented on Feb 10

    Again, where are the investigative reporters? Where are today’s Jack Anderson? Twenty four hour cable news and this is what we get? Can they not fund a few reporters to actually into the details and find out what is true?

  3. VennData commented on Feb 10

    Watch where you click. They give you what YOU want.

  4. Whammer commented on Feb 10

    @Singmaster, I think the sorry fact is that there isn’t money to fund real, investigative stuff. The collapse of classified ads, strangely enough, has carved out the belly of news organizations. TV news has been useless for a long time, unfortunately — since Cronkite and Huntley/Brinkley, it’s turned into mush.

    I wish I had some bright ideas to fix it — the idea of a for-profit business that does hard-hitting, real stuff, seems to be highly elusive at best.

  5. rd commented on Feb 10

    Unfortunately, Jon Stewart will be leaving the Daily Show later this year. However, he will be leaving “Fake News” as CNN calls it in good hands. The regular evening news and the various shows on CNN and Fox News should be able to fill in for him in the Fake News category quite admirably.

    This could be a crisis for the Comedy Channel though when they realize that their viewers are flocking to the main stream media news shows in order to get their comedy and fake news fix.

  6. Willy2 commented on Feb 11

    Did Brian Williams have too much enemies ?

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