TDS & Jon Stewart’s Legacy: By the Numbers

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  1. Seaton commented on Feb 17

    TDS may well be here to stay, but to find someone that’s willing to be as comedic, insightful, and fearless of outcomes related to their “news stories”, hmm. Tough act to follow. I miss his presence on this show already, even though each night is still “on-target” in my eyes, skewering “them” and “us” without mercy, the Fool speaking truth to the King, who’s wearing no new clothes.

  2. romerjt commented on Feb 17

    John Oliver . so when the tiny African nation, Togo tries to require cigarette packs to carry health warnings PMI (Phillip Morris International) threatens to sue the nation for copywrite infringement under international law – really. Corporate misbehavior at the highest level. Don’t want to think this is the way the world really works.

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