TDS: Mr. Unclean

North Carolina Senator Thom Tillis stands by his free-market principles and suggests that employees shouldn’t be forced to wash their hands before returning to work.


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Mr. Unclean

TDS, 5:32

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  1. VennData commented on Feb 5

    It’s actually refreshing to see a media outlet cover a Republican other than Jeb Bush

    Please commenters, The GOP Media Machine and their elected members have set a high bar for civil discourse with the politeness and respect they have given President Obama. I must insist that all commentary about Jeb Bush might satisfy that high standard.

  2. LeftCoastIndependent commented on Feb 5

    Don’t think anyone will want to shake the hand of Senator Tillis from now on.

  3. davebarnes commented on Feb 5

    When Thom Tillis invites you over to his house for BBQ, make sure your vaccinations (including 3rd-world diseases) are up-to-date.
    And, remember, e-coli is a bacterium, so your vaccines won’t help.

    • Willy2 commented on Feb 6

      Just make sure the meat on the BBQ gets “well cooked” then you don’t have to worry.

  4. Willy2 commented on Feb 6

    The most sad thing is that the government is forced to impose & enforce this rule because restaurants themselves don’t seem to care too much regarding this kind of hygiene.

  5. DeDude commented on Feb 6

    So forcing doctors to jam an ultrasound probe into the vagina of a women who do not want or need such an ultrasound is not to much government – but demanding that people handling our food wash their hands is????

    I loved how John pointed out that forcing the restaurant owners to publish their “no wash” policies was also government interference so the guy is not even consistent with his own wacko ideology.

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