The tallest buildings of the last 15 years

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  1. NoKidding commented on Feb 4

    Mecca’s 2012 effort is bigger, wider and better looking than New York’s 2014 World Trade Center.
    Looks like they won.

  2. mlnberger commented on Feb 4

    The building in Mecca is the greatest monstrosity ever conceived by the mind of man. Look at that building in context (it is a hotel to house very wealthy pilgrims to the city). It is fantastically out of scale with its surroundings and absolutely surreal sitting in the desert (or, I suppose more accurately, an urbanized desert).

  3. cschene commented on Feb 5

    Isn’t there a “tall building” financial indicator that predicts when countries make a”tallest build”, essentially a “monument to self”, that financial disaster follows?

    I think the theory says that they fell comfortable to erect a “self-monument” and are getting too self satisfied.

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