Wozniak: Net Neutrality Decision Is Victory for Consumers

Source: Bloomberg

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  1. VennData commented on Feb 27

    It is hilarious to watch Republicans try to recharacterize the Big Cable grab for power as some sort of Galtian battle against the Reg Guard. This only soils their pitch as people can see before their eyes that Big Cable is garbage. Wading through their “bundle” when trying to search for content is a joke.

    It is great to see the FCC wipe away the Big Cable chokehold on state legislatures. Coming soon, high speed Wi-Fi to urban areas without Big Cable. We don’t want your bundle.

    Big Cable will be Big Coal of 2020’s.

    • intlacct commented on Feb 28

      Wozniak said it: ‘Sometimes the people win’.

      His anecdote – the founder of Apple can’t get broadband! Mama mia!

  2. RC commented on Feb 27

    If you think that this FCC decision is somehow going to make more choices for consumers, you are dreaming. This is a step in taking internet towards what land-line telephone systems were in mid to late 1990s.
    Jeez, everything is not a democrat-republican issue. This FCC decision is an abomination because it is going to curtail innovation.

    Regular people think of Net-Neutrality as preventing cable companies from favoring and blocking some internet traffic. This is a noble idea and I dont think anyone is against it. However this bureaucratic mess that has been shoved down over throats is NOT what people had asked for.

    This opens a door wide open for all sorts of state, and city taxes. Remember your local landline bill had close to 28% amount in various taxes!!!! And the service sucked …. You had to buy a “metro” line to call from Plano, TX to Grapevine, TX … (both in Dallas Ft Worth metroplex area) …..

    • willid3 commented on Feb 27

      its not like there arent already state and local taxes on broadband already. there is just check your bill, and i can remember my bill from back in 1980s, when in was $18 total. and the service worked just fine. and that included taxes. now if you are lucky, your phone company will answer the phone if some thing breaks. and its likely if they do, that those answering the phone arent in the US. and dont speak english all that well

    • intlacct commented on Feb 28

      You’re a stitch. Good one. ‘an abomination’ while standing next to a pit of monopoly/duopoly dreck.

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