3-D View of the Yield Curve

Fabulous graphic from the NYT:


Source: The Upshot

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  1. constantnormal commented on Mar 19

    It would be interesting to see a movie made of this chart, with minute-by-minute intervals of snapshots (or whatever time interval produces the least noise in the sheet), with a selection of playback speeds. Once one had enough data in this hypothetical movie, one might play at trying to “surf” one’s way across the surface, following hypothetical ripples or waves that might be “perceived”, riding waves up and down, collecting differentials all the way. A computer would likely go a better job of this, but it would be an incredible trading gimmick, whether it actually worked or not.

    • rd commented on Mar 20

      You would need to add the appropriate sound effects.

      (Laughter) from Fed minutes
      Oh no Mr. Bill! (Lehman crisis)
      YAY!! (shouts from the bond and stock market pits whenever QE is announced)

    • tagyoureit commented on Mar 20

      To the tune of Wipeout by The Surfaris

  2. mathdock commented on Mar 20

    Being a mathematical surface, there is a lot of mathematical goo under that surface prior to 2007 that the fed squeezed out the back of the 3-D graph starting in 2009. You think that goo will come back? Will it be a tsunami?

    Seriously, that is a cool graph, but it tells an important tale of caution. Will it ever return to histoical behavior? Is that the tide going out, only to return all too quickly?

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