60 Minutes: Killing Cancer

60 Minutes follows brain cancer patients in a Duke University clinical trial of a therapy that uses a re-engineered polio virus to kill cancer cells


Using polio to kill cancer: A producers’ notebook

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  1. Paul Mathis commented on Mar 29

    Cancer’s Achilles Heel

    I did not know before that cancer tumors have a shroud that makes them invisible to the immune system. Just destroy the shroud with a potent virus and cancer becomes defenseless. Polio virus turns out to be the savior of cancer patients. Luckily, some people were thinking way outside the box!

    • willid3 commented on Mar 30

      didnt know that it had a shroud either. but then it seems its not the only disease that has that. Lyme does too

  2. mathdock commented on Mar 30

    THESE smart guys and the courageous patients to take a shot at an unimaginable treatment deserve MUCH respect, and MUCH joy for those who successfully saw their tumors go away. It will be interesting if the particular cancer at the beginning of the story are able to fight off any future cancer reappearance, or the cells are permanently sensitive enough to keep the cancer down. The top video didn’t go on to the 2nd segment–I’ll see where it might be.

    THANX for getting this much out for us non-TV watchers to see.

  3. jwagner commented on Apr 1

    This piece was way too optimistic. Apparently it’s the third segment that this producer has done going back many years touting a “cure” for cancer. I think it was called journalistic malpractice on a genetic medicine website I read and that seems fair.

    As for the cancer “shroud”, google CD47. It’s the “don’t eat me” protein that many cancers express that signals immune cells to ignore the invader. There are clinical trials going on working this angle. Celgene starts soon, as does Trillium Theraputics, Stanford is ongoing, and there’s at least one more. Knowing the precious little that I do about cancer treatment, this looks like the horse to bet on right now.

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