Bull vs. Bear Debate: Is Biotech Is in a Bubble?

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Source: Credit Suisse via Bloomberg



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  1. Global Eyes commented on Mar 30

    Beware of double bubble trouble.

  2. catman commented on Mar 30

    Theoretically the major ethical companies doing the buying should be very informed purchasers…

  3. Moopheus commented on Mar 30

    That’s not so much of an argument as an automatic gainsaying of what the other person says. I came here for an argument. (“There’s a window! There is not a window!”)

    I have kind of mixed feelings about this–I live in the biotech ground zero (we can watch new lab buildings going up from our house), so all the money has definitely had an impact on the neighborhood. If the money went away, that would be bad. Investors can be fickle, and may have placed their bets on the wrong horses. As happened in the ’90s–the internet was indeed transformative and changed the way we live and do business, but much of the investor money was still unwisely spent. The fact that there will likely always be a need for the products of biotech companies doesn’t mean that can’t happen again.

  4. farmera1 commented on Mar 30

    So what is going to happen? Will Biotech grow to the sky???? I’ll tell you in five years what you should have done.

    Me, I took all the profits from biotech and health care off the table about a week ago.

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