IMF Credit Outstanding By Member

Source: Capsidea

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  1. wally commented on Mar 19

    The “quote of the day” is certainly apt.

  2. NoKidding commented on Mar 19

    Is Jordan still a country?

  3. Herman Frank commented on Mar 19

    The color is wrong, instead of green it should be black; I’ll even give you red! Like a “Black Hole” or “Bleeding Loss”. Mdm. Lagarde, and the IMF members, will have to grit their teeth and bear their misfortune of ever having been dragged into this swamp. “It’s all gone …..”
    The normal Greek opera will follow, to which I say “You’re so proud of your country with it being “the cradle of civilization”. You want to preserve it “as is” ….. Well, there’s Euro 65 Billion in OFFICIAL tax-arrears outstanding, there’s a stagnation of tax returns, there’s a vibrant black economy, there’s a list of officials holding illegal accounts abroad – how about you do some “self-help” and saving your country?”

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