Marissa Mayer Has Completed Step One

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  1. JohnathanStein commented on Mar 5

    But will she ever make Yahoo Email work again?

    It’s been so screwy since her advent, I’ve wished MANY times there was an easy way to transfer folders, contacts and website registrations.

    If I ever do switch, I’ll never need Yahoo again.

  2. SFGale commented on Mar 5

    Yet another graph with data that does not inform.

    And the meaning of the title?

    Other than, perhaps, that Princess Marissa is treading water?

  3. Rich in NJ commented on Mar 5

    Your colleague Josh Brown recently linked to a video presentation by NYU Stern professor Scott Galloway that, among other things, compared the acquisitions of Instagram and Tumblr, each for about $1b.

    The direction of the respective companies in microcosm?

  4. Crocodile Chuck commented on Mar 6

    She’s already gone.

    Its all over, except for the embalming fluids.

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