Periodic Table of Wine

Source: Chemogenesis

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  1. Paul Mathis commented on Mar 6

    If you don’t know wine, you don’t know anything.

  2. Whammer commented on Mar 6

    Missing Gruner Veltliner, among others… I don’t understand the organizing principle behind this, to boot…

    • rd commented on Mar 7

      I get some of the structure, but there are distinct oddities. I think the two ends are supposed to be fruitier flavors than the middle with more complexity the lower down on the table.

      1. Shiraz and Syrah are the same – just different names in different places.
      2. Cabernet Franc on the same line as Pinot Noir? It’s generally heavier and richer than most pinots.

  3. catman commented on Mar 7

    Suddenly I’m a right winger.

  4. VennData commented on Mar 7

    Rioja and Reisling are blessed, and have the same symbol. Both delicious diversions from your standard with-diner fare. Sweetness versus boldness. Germany verusu Argentina. It would be a World Cup of patio cafes.

    The first flirtation with Spring in Chicago.

  5. ema82 commented on Mar 7

    I just want to say, I’m italian and I hate sophisticated english-speaking folks enjoying their wine. I don’t know why and I’m not proud of it, it puzzles me, but I really dislike you. Anyway I just had a couple glasses of bonarda with my dinner, maybe too small a production to be represented in the table above, or maybe it’s a subgroup of one of those. Red, slightly fizzy, from vineyards a little south of the Po river near Pavia, perfect with salame or prosciutto, you just drink it from a normal glass to quench thirst without waxing lyrical about it. Very popular at least in lombardy.

  6. MarkKlose commented on Mar 7

    Cognac is neither a desert nor fortified wine. It’s not wine at all but distilled grape juice (brandy).

    • OscarWildeDog commented on Mar 8

      Are you saying cognac is not a desert(sic)? Well, it’s not dry…lol (nice post tho)

  7. RW commented on Mar 8

    The table is a joke. Full stop.

  8. OscarWildeDog commented on Mar 8

    Periodic table of wine? How about the infrared spectrum of tea? Or maybe the Richter Scale of Secondary Schools? Oh, I got it…the genome coding of the sponge phylum?

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