Pour-Over: Smart, Artisinal Coffee Machine

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From Poppy


Hey! You kids at Poppy! You don’t understand what you have here, so let me bring you up to speed:

Nobody cares that this machine is “carefully handcrafted in San Francisco” or that it automatically reorders coffee filters.

It’s simply a gorgeous looking, single cup brewing fully automatic pour-over coffee maker. Try marketing it as a fantastic single cup coffee maker, one that allows people to get rid of their crappy K-Cup units.  (Get me one of these, pronto!)





Your Coffee Sucks! (April 25, 2004)

Capresso 465 CoffeeTeam  (December 19th, 2011)

Breville BDC600XL YouBrew Drip Coffee Maker  (TBP Holiday Shopping Ideas November 28th, 2012)



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  1. CD4P commented on Mar 31

    I guess I’m naive, but when I surfed on over to check out the latest Big Picture content, I thought BR was getting the jump on April Fools Day with this one.

    • rd commented on Apr 1

      I got my wife the Melitta pour stand after I watched her spill boiling water once too often pouring through a lightweight plastic funnel. into a tall, narrow travel mug When I went on line, I thought it was an April Fool’s joke because it turned out that drip coffee had become the big fad at the coffee shops (as a complete non-coffee drinker I am never up on coffee fads and have only entered a Starbucks a couple of times in my life).

      So there were all of these fancy pour stand set ups starting at $200+ and I was finding nothing that was in double digits which was pretty unbelievable to me, since all you need is something to hold a cone up in the air that you can position a cup underneath. It doesn’t even need electricity! As an engineer I was starting to think I would need to make my own out of PVC tubing or wood, but then I saw the $30 Melitta one and realized that at least portions of the world were still sane. There is still hope for our society.

  2. hue commented on Mar 31

    i met a former Coca Cola executive who was tasked to look for new markets in the early aughts since fewer people are drinking cokes. he came up with Keurig in 2004 and a couple of other coffee makers, suppliers. Daft was the CEO, not too daft. coke bought Keurig 10 years later.

  3. Joe commented on Apr 1

    Dunno about this one…. it just seems to make coffee. How do you get loose coffee beans under the cabinets, fresh ground coffee in a trail across the counter and both under the other appliances? And the clouds of steam and burn marks on your hand? And disassembling it to clean and replace all the gaskets and clean all the inner recesses? And won’t you need to buy separate appliances to heat the water and prep the milk? Finally, where’s the timer and LED that informs you that you need to move on to the next process on the list. It seems that in this case, the price of elegance has been at the cost of complexity.

  4. MikeInSF commented on Apr 1

    Bravo to the team that developed this device. It would be difficult to more completely over-engineer one of life’s simple morning rituals. (Wait – does the app also summon a Task Rabbit crew to clean this device once the coffee has been poured and the owner has left the house?)

    Then again, it is April 1st…

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