The Gender Pay Gap

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  1. MDenny commented on Mar 6

    My understanding is that when adjusted for the same job with the same number of years of experience and several other important factors making it an apples to apples comparisons this wage gap is actually something in the 3 – 5% range. Which is still something that should be changed but not the headline grabbing simplistic version of reality presented by most hard left institutions. I seek the truth, so if someone can point to my to a well reasoned and researched rebuttal to that I’d appreciate it. But taking the average wage for two groups of people without delving into the details seems to smell a little like propaganda to me… but alas I could be misinformed!

  2. SecondLook commented on Mar 6

    Not being terribly cynical, just enough to understand our current economic society, what would happen as womens wages rose is that mens would decline – resulting in wage neutrality being offset by no real increase in household income.

    While equal pay for equal work is the most ethical thing to do, having higher payroll costs is the antithesis of where American capitalism is at…

    A true zero sum game… sigh

    • willid3 commented on Mar 6

      and we know lower payroll is the core of American capitalism. along with no taxes. or regulations. an a free market rigged in our favor. but it still includes a government bail out if needed.

  3. wisconjon commented on Mar 6

    Does this take into account that men’s pay would likely go down to make room for women’s pay? So really they’d only get about half of that amount? Just sayin’, double-counting won’t help the situation…

  4. VennData commented on Mar 6

    Women don’t love America.

    – Rudy Guliani

  5. econ1 commented on Mar 6

    It isn’t hard to put together a list of what one could buy with more money….you could buy 10,000, $1 lottery tickets. Certainly two people doing exactly the same job and producing exactly the same amount should be paid the same. If there was a wage gap between two groups of people (male, female or blue, green) doing exactly the same job it would be easily and rapidly exploited. If a company could hire say…. green people..for 77% of what blue people are paid, and they both were equally productive….a differential like that would allow them to totally dominant their market. Nothing new to invent, no creative business plan….just hire different folks and coast to the top on superior economics. No doubt there is a gender difference but there is probably some actual differential in productivity, or the jobs are actually different. Choosing job A which pays 77% of Job B, and then saying you want to be paid for job B is a bit of a stretch, even if the politics sound good.

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