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Welcome back to the workweek. Let’s kick it off right with our expertly curated morning train reads:

• U.S. Money Managers Turn Cautious, reining in their optimism since the fall (Barron’sbut see Why This Old Bull Market May Not Be Ready to Die (MoneyBeat)
• The remarkable life — and investing lessons — of Ronald Read (Washington Post)
• 3 Valuable Lessons From the Nasdaq Bubble (Pragmatic Capitalismsee also Nasdaq record reflects markets stuck in time warp: Highs reinforce the lesson that valuation is a poor guide to short-term moves (FT)
• Is Obama the Most Deflationary Force in America Right Now? (Reformed Broker)
• Drone revolution hits the high seas (Fortune)

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    • cjb commented on Apr 27

      During his campaign, our Gov. Rauner said he wants Illinois to be just like Walkers Wisconsin………

    • VennData commented on Apr 27

      Laughing out Loud.

      The problem in America is all the people whose homes are invaded by Bill and Hillary Clinton’s unionized police force.

      The black UN helicopters still following you around?

    • VennData commented on Apr 27

      Laughing Out Loud

      Police raids with battering rams on White people’s homes is a problem?

      Let’s build Infrastructure. Fix immigration. Sign a free trade deal with Europe. Get rid of corporate tax loopholes and bring all that offshore money money.

      Then we can talk about the epidemic of official home invasion or rampant voter fraud or religious rights, flag burning, and Obama’s impeachment progress

  1. VennData commented on Apr 27

    Gay Businessman Who Hosted Ted Cruz Event Apologizes


    1) Looks like the business is business. Interesting how Lefties will do business with Righties, but Righties demand laws to protect them from doing business with Lefties.

    2) Tea Partiers, Snakehandlers, haters of all kinds, see what happens to one of “yours” when they go to Washington? Cruz now sits down with gays in their Manhattan Penthouses. What are you people DOING supporting the Republicans? The GOP doesn’t really represent your values.

    3) If Ted Cruz is reaching for the middle this early the man who raised $31M… er…a… $4M in his first week has some problems with his polling numbers.

    Watch the GOP abandon their dwindling base…

    • VennData commented on Apr 27

      Can we talk about infrastructure? deficits? immigration? and other substantive issues?


  2. hue commented on Apr 27

    Monday reads so nice, BR posted them twice lol Bill Withers and Rube Goldberg pieces were awesome last weekend

    surreal estate: the lease busters (the awl http://bit.ly/1dkFYLI)

    The Square Deal (npr http://n.pr/1FruDEn) a big experiment in welfare capitalism, not even all of the workers thought it was right.

    HBO To Netflix: Bring It On (fast company http://bit.ly/1dkH6Pw) The best way to watch Netflix while you work (biz insider http://read.bi/1OvKx6q)

  3. Jojo commented on Apr 27

    This sounds like an excellent idea for all types of penalties, which might work better if they were based on a person’s wealth.
    Europe | Helsinki Journal
    Speeding in Finland Can Cost a Fortune, if You Already Have One
    APRIL 25, 2015

    HELSINKI, Finland — Getting a speeding ticket is not a feel-good moment for anyone. But consider Reima Kuisla, a Finnish businessman.

    He was recently fined 54,024 euros (about $58,000) for traveling a modest, if illegal, 64 miles per hour in a 50 m.p.h. zone. And no, the 54,024 euros did not turn out to be a typo, or a mistake of any kind.

    Mr. Kuisla is a millionaire, and in Finland the fines for more serious speeding infractions are calculated according to income. The thinking here is that if it stings for the little guy, it should sting for the big guy, too.

    The ticket had its desired effect. Mr. Kuisla, 61, took to Facebook last month with 12 furious posts in which he included a picture of his speeding ticket and a picture of what 54,024 euros could buy if it were not going to the state coffers — a new Mercedes. He said he was seriously considering leaving Finland altogether, a position to which he held firm when reached by phone at a bar where he was watching horse races.


    • intlacct commented on Apr 28

      I saw this: very cool progressive taxation!

  4. VennData commented on Apr 27

    $194B! Apple’s cash pile hits record

    ​They announced a bigger ​capital return a few minutes ago.


    Obama say’s pay your 17% tax on the offshore horded profits. What’s wrong with that? That Reagan loophole is messing with the efficient use of capital as CEO’s gamble they can finagle a deal using their lobbyists.

    GE did it.

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