Forewarned: Traveling This Week

As previously mentioned, we are going West this week, to meet up with friends and clients as well as meet with prospective clients.

I am looking forward to speaking with some interesting folks at David Rosenberg’s intimate event in Napa this weekend. Then for the rest of the week of May 4-8th, we will be in San Francisco and Silicon Valley, meeting with clients, presenting to a few tech firms, and generally enjoying the Bay Area.

Long-time readers may recall that markets occasionally misbehave when I am traveling — be it the Flash Crash or the 2008-09 or 2000 or even 1987 (I don’t recall what I was up to in 1973-74). I don’t believe the correlation is anything more than a coincidence (but you have asked to be informed when I am on the move).


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  1. Whammer commented on Apr 30

    It’s over 90 degrees here in SV today, but it’s supposed to be more civilized next week.

  2. CD4P commented on May 1

    Hope your visit is Earthquake free!!!

  3. howardoark commented on May 1

    As was explained to me by a former policeman (in Oakland) the policy was once that if you ran away, you went to the ER if they caught you – everyone knew the rules and no one ran away. Rodney King made cops a lot more discrete – notice that they waited until Mr. Gray was in the back of the truck before they beat him to death. The arguments against the police wearing cameras don’t sway me – though the unintended consequences will probably include more property crime because criminals will be harder to catch. But eventually every third person will be wearing a camera and then crimes against people will become very hard to get away with.

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