Millennial Disruption Index

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  1. Iamthe50percent commented on Apr 17

    I thought the baby boomers were the largest generation in history and that was why our Social Security and Medicare have to be cut.

    • bear_in_mind commented on Apr 18

      The distinction is that the Baby Boomer generation is the largest generation to enter RETIREMENT age (as a collective group) in American history.

      The subsequent generation (Gen X) is not only smaller in number, but have experienced median wage stagnation and are only beginning to hit the traditional age or peak earning years. This causes a ripple effect on SSA (OASDI) payroll tax contributions, which are based upon a set percentage of payroll income.

      The next generation, aka the “Millennials” illustrated in this inforgraphic, are larger than Gen X which all things being equal, bodes well for future tax revenues and economic vitality. However, if median wage stagnation and indebtedness from student and consumer loans persist, that theoretical vitality may fail to materialize. Only time will tell.

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