Polling Wall Street

This is some amazing stuff:



Source: Bloomberg

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  1. rd commented on Apr 29

    I love the term “regulation erodes business opportunities”. I assume that this is also how the drug dealers in the inner city view police crackdowns.

    • pekoe commented on Apr 30


  2. intlacct commented on Apr 29

    I think this may be the definition of ‘oblivious’.

    A day or so ago there was a link to the BBG analysis of Unis and what they were teaching graduates. It would be nice to overlay that data with info on the indictment, convictions and employment at failed institutions and their cost.

  3. patfla commented on Apr 30

    “regulation erodes business opportunities”: which translates to “as finance resumes a more reasonable size vis-à-vis the rest of the economy.”

    With the problem being that much or all of Wall St will fight this tooth and nail – and Wall St very much has the wherewithal to do so.

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