Warren Buffett Buys the World A Coke

You just want to give the guy a hug!


Source: Fortune

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  1. NoKidding commented on Apr 29

    High fructose Coke tastes terrible. Bring back the sugar, Warren! Also, please LBO Pepsi and do the same so the world can enjoy Mountain Dew again.

    • Iamthe50percent commented on Apr 29

      So THAT’s what’s wrong with it. I enjoyed Coke as a kid and Rum and Coke as a young man. Can barely drink it anymore.

  2. hidflect commented on Apr 30

    Until very recently Mexico had some law forcing Coke to use cane sugar making it a sort of contraband Coke for aficionados like Cuban cigars or something. “They” say that the difference is illusory and that in taste tests people can’t tell the difference between HFC and sugar. I say Bull! HFC has a syrupy taste without the real body of normal sugar. And we can see sales of Coke dropping all the time. In Japan, Coke is relegated to the bottom shelf of the shop fridge like an afterthought. The people have spoken. We want cane sugar in our drinks, dammit.

    • Liquidity Trader commented on Apr 30

      Most of the Coke you can buy in Caribbean islands are natural Sugar and not HFCS …

  3. JohnT commented on Apr 30

    You can get cane sugar Coke, made in Mexico, in any Mexican grocery market. It’s still a green bottle. Mexico requires cane sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup to help protect its cane sugar industry.

    Try La Fiesta, or Carnival, or Mercado Michoacán, or a number of other grocery markets.

  4. theexpertisin commented on Apr 30

    Local groceries in our area sell Mexican-bottled Coke in the ethnic food section. I’ve tried it. It DOES taste better.

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