Where Your State Gets Its Money

Source: FiveThirtyEight

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  1. TheTruth commented on Apr 19

    Texas politicians act as if tax on oil and gas constitutes 99% of all state income, when in reality funds from the Federal Government provide the greatest amount of income to the state – imagine that !

    Last week the Texas Legislature passed HB40 which takes control of fracking away from local municipalities and gives it to big bad brother (the Great State of Texas), which couldn’t be happier if they fracked every square foot of Texas without any meaningful pollution controls.

    It’s ironic that the politicians who complain so bitterly about excessive regulations from the national government now see fit to cram their minimalistic ‘pseudo-regulations’ down the throats of cities all over Texas, who have enacted their own meaningful fracking restrictions to protect themselves from the fracking industry. But, hey, if you’re a Texas politician, you’ve got to dance to the tune of your campaign donors no matter how unscrupulous you become.

  2. CD4P commented on Apr 19

    A chance to plug Clark County, WA!!!!!

    Live in Vancouver, WA, and pay no state income tax. Drive across the Columbia River to Oregon and pay no sales tax. Makes one’s retirement dollars go much further!!!!!

  3. Slash commented on Apr 20

    Thanks for this (the info).

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