10 Monday AM Reads

Ahh, good to back in the East Coast swing of things, recovering from jet lag. Here are my West Coast, Napa sourced morning train reads:

• Is it Time for a No-Bond Portfolio? (USAT) see also Bund “tantrum” warns of future accidents (FT)
• The Economic Recovery that Can’t Get Any Respect (PragCapsee also High Share of Part-Time Workers Helps Explain Weak Wage Growth (Real Time Economics)
• A Dozen Things I’ve learned from Julian Robertson about Investing (25iq)
• In the UK, Nate Silver finally found an election he couldn’t predict (Quartzsee also 20 things you may have missed from the UK election (BBC)
• One Thing All the Billion-Dollar Unicorns Have in Common (Re/Code)

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  1. swag commented on May 11

    Chris Burden is dead


    “Through the Night Softly” was probably my favorite. He purchased LA TV ad time to air a 10-second ad showing a film clip of him with his hands tied behind his back, crawling through broken glass.


    Shawn Swagerty David Bowie’s “Joe the Lion” was, in part, an homage to Chris Burden and his 1974 piece “Trans-Fixed”


    “Shoot” was more fun for art-pretending hayseed kids like me to read about that it ultimately was to watch as a middle-aged poseur of the same ilk, but still very fun


    One of the first gifts my wife gave me during our protracted long-distance courtship was Chris Burden’s 1977 booklet “Full Financial Disclosure”. Looks like it’s now worth a spot of coinage. I won’t reveal the safety deposit box number or whereabouts.


    The NYT obit is not up yet. I will not link to Mr. Murdoch’s WSJ.

    • VennData commented on May 11

      I just throw my money down a rat hole on drugs, hookers, porn, gambling and counterfeit goods. The government should take more of it.

    • kaleberg commented on May 11

      You sound like footballer George Best who, when asked where all the money he earned had gone, said “Birds, booze and fast cars. The rest I squandered.”

  2. catman commented on May 11

    Gotta love our close personal friends in Saudi Arabia. I’ll never forget the Marlboro Man holding hands with the King after he funded 9/11. Where do we get ’em?

  3. James Cameron commented on May 11

    Paul Farrell is so consistent . . . year after year after year . . .

    Countdown to the stock-market Crash of 2016 is ticking louder


  4. VennData commented on May 11

    “…Tighter regulations and less patient shareholders have restricted the ability of broker-dealers to deploy their balance sheets counter-cyclically…”


    If impatient shareholder don’t want to wait around so big leveraged speculators to buy or sell inventory do you blame them?

    If this raises the cost to big leveraged speculators why do I care?

    If Dan Loeb can’t get In and out of his positions is that my problem?

    Sell your positions through Sotheby’s you greedy fucks.

    WHAT DO I GIVE A DAMN about this “problem” for?

  5. VennData commented on May 11

    Pragcap: Food Stamp Usage is Declining Rapidly

    So why not find the guys who screamed about Obama/Welfare/ACA/JobKilling and show them the data? What can it hurt to see the facts? Other than their ego, their delicate fantasy-based egos.

    Taxes are low in Antarctica, expand your important chain of car dealerships there. Good luck.

  6. RW commented on May 11

    Niall Ferguson Displays His Ignorance of Economics

    …he apparently believes that the victory of the Conservative Party in the U.K. election last week showed that he was correct to endorse their austerity policy … If he was familiar at all with the literature on the impact of the economy on elections he would know that elections are largely determined by the economy’s performance in the last year before an election, not an administration’s entire term. And, since the conservatives relaxed their austerity in the last two years (as had been widely noted long before the election), the economy was not performing badly in the immediate lead up to the election. …

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