$30K Tesla-Killer?

Automakers are betting the days of $2 gas won’t last long. At the Detroit Auto Show, Chevrolet unveiled the eco-friendly Bolt. Chevrolet says the concept will cost about $30K (after rebates) and get 200 miles of range. The car would retail for around the same price as the yet to debut Tesla III.

Hands-On With the Chevrolet Bolt

Source: Bloomberg

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  1. doug commented on May 2

    I guess looks don’t count in the comparison with Tesla…..

    • willid3 commented on May 2

      not really impressed with the 3. but then again pictures dont always show cars as you would seem then in real life

  2. ByteMe commented on May 2

    I’d hit that.

  3. davebarnes commented on May 2

    How about comparing GM’s reputation/status with Tesla’s?
    Not a killer.

  4. i-power commented on May 2

    The only way GM can compete is by playing the “futures” game – this is our vision and we will deliver this to the customer some time in the future. Its one of the oldest games played by organizations to get the customer to think they are leading the market when in reality, they continue to fall behind – way behind. Don’t believe the smoke screen.

  5. btowers commented on May 2

    I think the larger take-away is that there *will* be a competitive response to Tesla. The majors (and minors) aren’t just going to sit around and wait for Tesla to take 50% share.

  6. Rob Dawg commented on May 2

    Nimble and innovative upstart General Motors has an non-working mock-up of a vehicle that “may” get 200mi range, and “may” have a landed price that starts with a “3” and “may” be available in late 2017, years after the Tesla III.

    GM is desperately trying to freeze the market by pre-announcing vaporware.

  7. jbegan commented on May 2

    Although I cringe at buying any GM product, an electric engine is different than a gas engine, and I did rent the gas powered Chevy Spark in Florida. I was very impressed with the roominess and gas mileage (about 40 MPG), as well as it peppiness for a gas miser car. This Bolt has very similar styling, so I’d guess the interior would be about the same size (comfortably seats 5). The 200 mile range between the Bolt and Tesla 3 is the same; 200 miles. Can’t tell how many passengers the Tesla 3 seats.

    • Iamthe50percent commented on May 3

      I’m surprised at “comfortably seats 5”. My wife’s Sonic, which is larger than the Spark, comfortably seats two, if you don’t count squeezing in and out of the doors which may be only a problem for us as we are 70 years old. A third person, like my 25 year old grandson can sit sideways in the back seat, much like my sister’s Corolla, in which I can ONLY fit sideways in the back seat. I think my Impala is comfortable and easy to get into, but my 80 year old friend who drives a 1996 Mercury Marquis says the Impala is a kiddie car.

      That’s what makes horse races.

      BTW: Love the Spark’s colors! Wish GM would make them available on the larger cars instead of white, black, dark read, Heinz ketchup, and 51 shades of gray!

  8. Winchupuata commented on May 2

    It’s good and healthy to have competition, and this is a good addition to this segment but I don’t think Tesla is going to be Killed by this.

  9. sooperedd commented on May 3

    I like it and would consider replacing my Prius with it.

  10. pm2416 commented on May 3

    Utterly lacking in imagination in originality. Another me-too product from the ultimate me-too industry. Oddly enough, Chevy does have a car that is not like that: the Corvette Stingray is utterly unique in its C7 version, so we know Chevy CAN do this, they just don’t seem to want to very often.

    • Iamthe50percent commented on May 3

      How many Stingrays do they sell? And how many Silverado’s? The market doesn’t want innovation. It’s like the old 1950’s wife-mistress study. People come to the showroom to look at the exotic and dream, but they leave with plain Jane.

  11. bear_in_mind commented on May 3

    I dunno… I find this looks pretty ugly, however, the revamped 2016 Volt looks quite a bit better IMHO. I’m holding out for Mazda 6 iteration of a hybrid or turbodiesel. Might be a long wait but the Skyactiv platform for the Mazda 6 is so much better in terms of strength, rigidity, handling and ride that I’ll bide my time and hope they contract with Toyota to buy their hybrid engine and couple it to the rest of Mazda’s drivetrain.

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