S&P 500: 25 Largest Companies & their Cash Holdings

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  1. VennData commented on May 25

    Obama wants the money to come home for 14%.


    Now I know the GOP has Jade Helm, ending NSA quick warrant abilities, ending health care for 20M Americans, stopping abortion, ending the profitable Ex-Im bank, getting creationism to become accepted science for every child except their own etc… But why not schedule a vote? Don’t you shareholders want that money available for dividends and investment?

    End Reagan’s silly off shore loophole that clogs up our capital markets.

  2. kaleberg commented on May 25

    Apple is ripe for a takeover. They have a market capitalization of less than $800B and $200B cash on hand. That means a loan of $200-$300B is all that one needs to unleash shareholder value. Surely Apple has the credit rating and cash flow to cover that, especially at current interest rates. This is a no brainer.

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