10 Tuesday AM Reads

My two-for-Tuesday hand curated morning train reads:

• Peter Lynch’s Secret to Finding Value Is Coming Up Empty in the S&P 500 (Bloombergbut see Wall Street’s Still Too Bearish on US Stocks (TRB)
• Homeownership is no longer the linchpin of the American dream (Quartz)
• The rise and fall of Subway, the world’s biggest food chain (Washington Post)
• This may be Uber’s most controversial move yet (Fortunesee also Carnegie Mellon Reels After Uber Lures Away Researchers (WSJ)
• Bill Gates: The most predictable disaster in the history of the human race (Vox)

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  1. ilsm commented on Jun 2

    Saudis enjoy largest margins on crude with some of the sweetest crude.

    They can pump and pump as price decline, they cannot let the take decline.

    Lots of cash needed for mercenaries to kill off Shi’a.

  2. rd commented on Jun 2

    Americans over 65 now hold double the mortgage debt per capita they did in 2001. Many are underwater with their homes. Their kids (mainly millenials) will be watching this over the next decade or two as they struggle with their own student debt. I wouldn’t hold my breath on this generation thinking that owning a home that is worth 10x their annual income is a good idea. They will most likely be buying modest homes while interest rates are low and not upgrading a lot over time the way the realtors and builders want them to, as they saw first hand what that fuzzy math did to their parents.


  3. VennData commented on Jun 2

    “…June is National Homeownership Month. Realtors, home builders, lenders and governmental officials have celebrated it since 2003, when former US president George W. Bush designated June a month to commemorate homeownership’s role in building wealth and creating strong and stable neighborhoods…”

    The Bush Legacy improves by the day!

  4. hue commented on Jun 2

    I should reread my own links. All those old Koch stories last weekend, I forgot this one that I posted last fall (must have been really drunk at the time)

    The Koch-Whore Archipelago: How The Billionaire Koch Screwed My Scoop While Screwing America (The Exile http://bit.ly/1pAJpNN) Koch sleepers everywhere in the electronic media and few can really tell any websites apart.

    I Punk’d Scott Walker And now he’s lying about it http://politi.co/1I7njjL remember when they tried to break the teacher’s union in Wisconsin? (Wisconsin is a liberal bastion and they got Walker elected) Listen to the prank call of a reporter talking to Walker while pretending to be a Koch. the teacher’s fight appeared here in BR’s comment section too, can’t find that thread though, I remember MayorQuimby.

    The right plays chess, the left play checkers. They’ve taken over a lot of state houses where the congressional districts are drawn. and of course ALEC. (sorry BR, that’s it on politics. i’ll just enjoy the 2016 presidential show)

    Researchers Link Feelings Of Disgust And Ethical Behavior http://n.pr/1Q3eP1k must be a bunch of nasty toilets on Wall Street

    She’s Got Sticky Persuation: The Surprising Persuasiveness of a Sticky Note (Havid Biz Review http://bit.ly/1FpxglA) how do you stick one on a text?

  5. Molesworth commented on Jun 2

    So bankers can be lured away from one firm to another and paid gazillions but scientists best stay in low paying research jobs rather than cashing in on their knowledge?
    Why the controversy?
    Bill Campbell connived to stop Silicon Valley firms from poaching each others talent, a clearly illegal scheme.
    If Uber is planning to create a fleet of driverless cars why can’t the scientist cash in on it?

  6. hue commented on Jun 2

    The Verge broke the Uber story several weeks ago, got lost in the Uber car demo. WSJ is still powerful, now everyone is doing the Uber Carnegie Mellon story

  7. rd commented on Jun 2

    I have long thought that the whole TSA process at the airports is just security theater designed to give the PR message that “You are safe because of us” with the side benefit of cowing the public into politely standing in line to await invasions of privacy without a sense of humor while over-relying on technology. It turns out, TSA’s internal audits are demonstrating that this is an accurate assessment.


    Similarly, the massive NSA pawing through all of our internal US communications was unable to pick up the threats of the Boston Marathon bombing, James Holmes shooting up a theater, etc.

  8. Molesworth commented on Jun 2

    NPR did the uber story yesterday.

  9. James Cameron commented on Jun 2

    “In a 13-page letter sent to Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Chair Mary Jo White today, United States Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) raised serious concerns about the agency’s regulatory and enforcement record during the past two years. The Senator explained that Chair White’s leadership of the Commission for the past two years has been “extremely disappointing,” with the agency failing to “consistently and aggressively enforce securities law and protect investors and the public” under her watch.”

    http://goo.gl/PqRerK (warren.senate.gov)

  10. NoKidding commented on Jun 2

    In the list of potential global disasters Bill Gates worries about, notice the one he doesn’t.

    • VennData commented on Jun 2

      And a reliable source too.

      I stand corrected George W. Bush should be on Mount Rushmore

    • rd commented on Jun 3

      Give it time for the full consequences of the Iraq War to be realized. At that point W will be competing for the lowest position of all the US presidents, although he has his work cut out to displace James Buchanan and Andrew Johnson.

      We are seeing one of the Iraq War consequences playing out in the South China Sea right now as China flexes its muscles there. Due to the continued Middle East fiasco, much attention has been diverted there while the US is almost forced to sit on the sidelines with respect to the South China Sea. Contrary to Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld’s beliefs, waging stupid wars badly does not make a country stronger and more authoritative, although it will line the pockets of your buddies.

  11. rd commented on Jun 2

    Modern customer service telephone systems are designed to prevent you from ever actually speaking to a person. Instead, they just route you through endless loops of computer generated prompts that usually just deliver you back to a prompt you have been to before. So JPM is doing the smart thing acknowledging that it is pointless offering voicemail when the system is designed so that nobody can get through to that person anyway.


    • rd commented on Jun 3

      If you remove the base’s healthcare and Social Security, they will be more likely to vote for you.

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