Andreessen Horowitz: U.S. Technology Funding

What’s going on in the public markets? What are all these so-called “unicorns”? What’s going on in venture capital?

“This time is different.” It is different. Because it’s always different…

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  1. advsys commented on Jun 17

    Argghhhhh! So what if there is not a tech bubble? That was so last decade! Why does the last bubble have to have anything to do with the next bubble?

    The now bubble is Debt and super low (ie. artificial) Interest Rates!!!! Get your heads out of the Nasdaq folks!!

    • willid3 commented on Jun 17

      but are interest rate all that artificially low? if rates were higher would demand for credit not go even lower? and lets face, demand for credit today is no where near what it was back in 2008. i suspect that most people have learned a new lesson. unless you feel confident about it, dont take out a loan. as the creditors have really lost all restraint, they will make a bad loan as much as they will a good one.

  2. reedsch commented on Jun 17

    It’s way too cheap and easy to be cynical, but this seems to confirm that the public is way down the list when the goodies are being distributed but right up at the head of the line when the music stops. At what point in this process do we quit using the word “Capitalism” and switch to “Neo-Feudalism”?

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