Global Deaths in Conflicts Since the Year 1400

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Source: Our World in Data

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  1. constantnormal commented on Jun 8

    … and yet, none of them have left a significant dent in the population growth …

    … something that will, in the end, do what all the wars, diseases, and famines could not … classical population dynamics.

  2. Lyle commented on Jun 8

    Actually the graph shows good news that the rates of death in conflicts have declined. recently, to nearly the low level using the 15 year average. Of course as has been noted blood sells in the media and also gets reporters promoted and pay raises (If it bleeds it leads). Of course the good news contained in this chart will never make the media because it does not meet the goal of if it bleeds it leads.

  3. tagyoureit commented on Jun 9

    Advancements in battlefield medicine versus advancement in killing technology.

  4. hue commented on Jun 9

    self cleaning oven, with advanced features.

    we think it’s bad along the Rio Grand, the war displaced are dying to get Europe

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