MiB: Ed Hyman, Evercore ISI

This week, on our Masters in Business radio podcast, we speak with  Evercore ISI’s Ed Hyman.

An engineer by training, he approaches the assembling of economic data very differently than many practitioners of the dismal science do. He was — quite literally — the first strategist to use time share mainframe computers to crunch economic data back in the 1960s. He created a series of surveys of 300-400 private companies across all sectors that provide an unprecedented lo0k at exactly what the economy is doing in real time. He takes technical charts and annotates them in plain English.

For these and many other innovations, he is adored by his client base. Hyman has been voted the #1 economist by Institutional Investors for an 35 years consecutive years. That streak is unprecedented; there is simply no other ranking on Wall Street that is comparable. Hyman may be the most influential strategist the public never heard of.

 Listen to the broadcast portion on Bloomberg radio; the  full podcast is now available on iTunesSoundCloud and on Bloomberg. Earlier podcasts can be found on iTunes and at Bloombergview.com. (The books discussed during the podcast can be found after the jump)

Be sure to check out our conversation next week with Leon Cooperman of Omega Advisors.



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  1. boveri commented on Jun 28

    Some wonderful input from Ed Hyman:
    + Our economy in early recovery and should last for about 5 years

    + 3 Principal China Problems:
    – systemic corruption
    – environment (air and water)
    – capital investment is over 50% of GDP – this has always resulted in a major contraction

    Ed Hyman is fascinating if you can get him on a roll and more discussion about current stock market dynamics would have been great.

    + What could occur that would bring negatives to the fore quickly
    – discontinuity in the bond market – decreased liquidity – German bund yields rose 50bps in 3 days. “Our bond yields trade tick for tick with German yields every day”

    + Why do our bonds yield so much higher than German?
    – This is a business cycle observation. bond yields should be roughly comparable to nominal GDP
    – Ours is about 3% growth + inflation
    – Europe and Japan is close to zero

    • irevob commented on Jun 28

      I disagree

      I have been listening since the 1st one, and its the anti-Cramer, anti-stock pick, anti-next 30 seconds. Who cares about predictions for the next few weeks?

      I always read into the show — indeed, the entire idea behind MiB — is that it is evergreen, and does not care one tiny bit about the next week or month or even year.

      Isn’t there enough meaningless, superficial bullshit on Fin TV for you to waste your time with? BR, please ignore this nonsense and keep doing what you are doing. They are priceless.

  2. Paul commented on Jun 29

    You do great work.

    I treat your show like my weekend MBA course, and it is better than any MBA school could ever offer. For one simple reason, you share with the world the most successful people in their respective fields, and you do an incredible digging into their insights, challenges, fears, successes, and obstacles. You go more in-depth than anyone on the net. Proof is in the length of the meetings. Its always better to learn by sitting on top of giants. It makes me a better person and my wife has started to listen intently on the show as well. We go through them 2-3 times to really grasp the lessons of your guests. She got hooked once she heard the Bobby Flay interview because she is building a global food business. We are better people because of your show.

    Keep it up!


    ps….you’re going to be asking to me to be a guest on your show in a year or two.

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