What’s Driving the Dow Transports?

Source: WSJ

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  1. 4whatitsworth commented on Jun 12

    With the lines and treatment you get at the airports and from the airlines who the heck wants to travel these days?

    The Railroads and UPS being down is disturbing..

    • ilsm commented on Jun 12

      The better half, already retired, travels alone. I am “only” semi retired and travel a lot when I am on the “clock”.

      The last thing I want to do on “my time”, with my own money is be “treated” by the US’ airlines.

  2. Willy2 commented on Jun 14

    “may follow” ? The crew at “Institutional Advisors” (e.g. Mr. Bob Hoye and his crew) discovered some VERY disturbing patterns with regard to the “Dow Theory”.

    I would say “Will follow”.

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