10 Sunday Reads

My easy-like-Sunday-morning reads:

• Greece is a remarkable country full of wonderful people, but the place is plainly pretty fucked up. It has been fucked up that way for a long time (Interfluidity)
• 15 Problems With Real World Portfolios (A Wealth of Common Sense)
• Mapping Where Electric Vehicles Actually Cause More Pollution Than Gas Cars (City Lab) see also German Luxury Car Brands Dominate and Look to Extend Their Lead (NYT)
• CNBC Demystified (Alpha Pages)
• 5 biggest financial mistakes Gen X and Gen Y make (Marketwatch)
• Greece: Only the ‘No’ Can Save the Euro (American Prospect) see also Jeffrey Sachs: A Way Out for Greece (Project Syndicate)
• The future is already here—if you can afford it (Daily Dot)
• The F-35 Can’t Beat The Plane It’s Replacing In A Dogfight: Report (Foxtrot Alpha) see also Test Pilot Admits the F-35 Can’t Dogfight (Medium)
• Banned, but Bountiful: Marijuana Coveted by NFL Players as Invaluable Painkiller (Bleacher Report)
• Rich New Yorkers Schooling GOP Hopefuls on Reaganomics: A group of prosperous Republicans think the 2016 GOP candidates are getting too populist—and they’ve formed a committee to teach trickle-down to the kids. (Daily Beast)

What are you reading?



Greek Tragedy
greek trag
Source: Economist


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  1. ilsm commented on Jul 5

    DoD/Lockheed’s answer to defective F-35: the “enemy (threats are fiction) will fight the way we need them to…..”

    If you think the pentagon and Lockheed consider the real world outside Wall St, I have a bridge.

    • willid3 commented on Jul 5

      part of our problem with the F35, is that we really havent built new planes in while. the previous plane (the F22) was a very good plane (I am told), but it took about 30 years to build that one (the F16 is from the 70s, as is the F15 and F18), the f22 is from the 90s, so its like you and I driving a 1970s or 1990s car today. and wondering why we are so bad as designing new ones.

    • ilsm commented on Jul 5

      Lockheed evident with F-35 cannot build airplanes. DoD R&D establishment is wrong, the inept are not bankrupted nor put to pasture.

      The solution is to kill the program which is 98% over its R&D budget. It is wrong to go into low rate production (133 delivered nearly 100 more in the pipeline) when less than 30% of the tests done to see if the specified components have “passed”. In DoD consumer risk is far above risks acceptable in the real world.

    • willid3 commented on Jul 5

      wondering if the greeks took the referendum to mean do you want pain for 10 years or do you want it without end? cause the latter is what austerity was giving them. they had experience with that. and all of the predictions about how it would turn out for them turned out to be slightly off, by major percentage points with no sign of improvement

  2. farmera1 commented on Jul 5

    Super Bugs


    Yes, and the meat you eat (as long as it is typical i.e. non organic) is dependent on antibiotics. Farmers cheerfully feed livestock low levels of antibiotics as growth stimulators. Eighty per cent of all the antibiotics used in this country are feed to animals to make them grow faster. Farm lobbies maintain that there is no proof that routinely feeding animals low levels of antibiotics contributes to drug resistant bugs in humans. Way to go American agriculture.

    • willid3 commented on Jul 5

      and dont live any where near one of those feedlots.

      it seems that the health of those that do, is much much worse than the rest of us

  3. save_the_rustbelt commented on Jul 5

    The Sense of Style by Steven Pinker

    serious book about the need and means for better writing

    mysteries of all kinds

    it is summer, and I’ve had enough of economics, law, taxation and health care regulations

  4. save_the_rustbelt commented on Jul 5

    Kudlow, Moore, Laffer, Forbes

    Why there will not be another GOP president in my lifetime. Dittohead nonsense from Koch-whores.

  5. DeDude commented on Jul 5

    On CNBC viewers this comment was just a winner:

    “A person who consults a shaman does not seek evidence or back-testing. He wants a comforting myth that casts himself as master of his destiny when things go well, and as a blameless victim of the gods when things go wrong”

    Explains a lot about right wing viewers and the success of false narratives.

  6. RW commented on Jul 5

    Greeks Reject Bailout Terms in Rebuff to European Leaders

    ATHENS — Greeks delivered a shocking rebuff to Europe’s leaders on Sunday, decisively rejecting a deal offered by the country’s creditors in a historic vote that could redefine Greece’s place in Europe and shake the Continent’s financial stability.

    As celebrants gathered in Athens’s central Syntagma Square, the Interior Ministry reported that with more than 80 percent of the vote tallied, 61 percent of the voters had said no to a deal that would have imposed greater austerity measures on the beleaguered country.

    The no votes carried virtually every district in the country …

    NB: The austerity demon devouring Europe’s hope has finally been challenged but Greece is probably not strong enough to succeed in exorcism alone …still, it is begun.

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