10 Thursday AM Reads

My “start off your 4 day weekend” morning reads:

• Major Asset Classes Performance for 1st half of 2015 (Capital Spectator)
• 12 charts and maps that explain the Greek crisis (Vox) see also A Bankrupt Greece Is Struggling to Stay Afloat (NYT)
• The Smartest Man in Europe is Wild about Innovation (Blackstone)
• Sources of stock-market fluctuations: New evidence (VoxEU) but see Letting Go of the Why (A Wealth of Common Sense)
• The Economy’s Missing Metrics (NYT Mag)
• How Shake Shack Leads The Better Burger Revolution (Fast Company)
• U.S. Companies Are Stashing $2.1 Trillion Overseas to Avoid Taxes (Bloomberg)
• Study Suggests That Google Has Its Thumb on Scale in Search (NYT)
• Drug cops took a college kid’s savings and now 13 police departments want a cut (WonkBlog)
• Oil’s Decline Is Making Your Fourth of July Barbecue Cheaper (Bloomberg)

What are you reading?



Some Chinese Are Taking 22% Margin Loans to Finance Stock Purchases

Source: Bloomberg




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  1. rd commented on Jul 2

    Taking cash from folks like Charles Clarke but not jailing anybody for money-laundering billions for the cartels is the real crime. More proof that the system really is biased against the bottom 90%.

  2. reedsch commented on Jul 2

    The Smartest Man in Europe says, “When you take a look at other problems around the world, it is clear that World War III has begun.” …but doesn’t have much more to say about it. Given the effect of world wars on global wealth creation and distribution, methinks such an observation is deserving of a bit more elaboration, no?

  3. Mbuna commented on Jul 2

    I think this represents a lot more than just bias against the 90%. Cash is on its way to becoming illegal and the actual reality is that police can confiscate anyone’s cash at anytime and under just about any circumstance and make it stick. The proof is on you to prove that this particular cash isn’t the result of something illegal and unless you have a sourcing video of each all of the particular dollar bills with readable series and serial numbers, your proof will not stand up to the accusations against you. The reality is that if you are caught with any serious amount of cash on you, then you are guilty, period.

    • willid3 commented on Jul 2

      well considering that most of us dont carry cash any more, even having that wont help.

      and getting it from a bank/etc wont help, sionce then you would have to prove that they didnt get from there right?
      and in reality, the only way to get the money back, is to fight the suit. and to do that means having more resources than what you lost. and unless you are in the 1% you dont have them

    • DeDude commented on Jul 2

      The real damage of those laws was not to the drug cartels (for whom that risk is just one of many others already included in the sales price). The damage is to the police. Regular folks now realize that the police officer whom we used to consider “one of us”, actually is just another gang-banger robbing people at will.

  4. RW commented on Jul 2

    NPR genuinely disappoints when it trots out analysis that ignores even the most basic analytic question: did Variable A claimed as causal WRT Variable B precede Variable B in time?

    Contrary to What NPR Tells Listeners, Spain Did Not Have Massive Debt Until Austerity Policies Gave Them One

    The introduction to a Morning Edition segment on the response in Spain …told listeners that Spain was undergoing austerity to pay down its “massive debt.” This is inaccurate. Spain did not have anything that can be remotely described as massive debt before the austerity policies imposed on the country by its creditors.

    Prior to the collapse of the country’s housing bubble, Spain’s debt to GDP ratio was 26 percent, just over one-third of the U.S. level. It was running surpluses of more than 2.0 percent of GDP ….

    NB: I understand why the Austerians want to rewrite history — they haven’t just been theoretically and empirically wrong they have financially and materially harmed millions of people while plunging entire nations into ever deeper economic depression — but public radio should not be carrying their water and helping them cover their tracks.

    • willid3 commented on Jul 2

      so they can claim that they are fighting the depressions. and things are only better because of their policies

    • willid3 commented on Jul 2

      not because of them

  5. DeDude commented on Jul 2

    If this clown wasn’t second in the GOP presidential candidate race, this would be kind of funny:


    His claim of rapist illegal immigrants is based on a story about illegal woman immigrants being raped on their way through Mexico to the US.


    Basic logic would suggest that if they are raped in Mexico then the rapist are NOT “migrating over the United States’ southern border”. Au contrare “Pinkybrain Trumph”; those facts would suggest that the rapists stay behind in Mexico. The second place GOP candidate appears to have a lot more hair than he has brains.

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