10 Tuesday AM Reads

My two-for-Tuesday morning train reads:

• Can any ex-Citadel money managers ever hope to beat Ken Griffin? (Chicago Business)
• Stocks Have Plenty of Room to Rally: Based on Morningstar’s definition of a market expansion, this bull is just getting going (Barron’s) but see The Only Six Stocks That Matter: Amazon, Google, Apple, Facebook, Netflix, Gilead account for the bulk of Nasdaq Composite gains this year (WSJ)
• “Lowflation” forever in the US? (FTsee also The Fed Is Closer to Hitting Its Inflation Target Than People Think (Bloomberg)
• Do Big Mutual Funds and ETFs Hurt Your Wallet? (MoneyBeat) see also Millennials Have a Ton of Stock. They Just Don’t Know It (Bloomberg)
• Awed by a Magnetar: Astrophysicists have detected one of the brightest and most enigmatic objects in the Universe (Cosmos)

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  1. RW commented on Jul 28


    Hey there, GunFAIL fans. Long time, no see.

    Well, no point in trying to explain what happened. The real point is that people haven’t stopped shooting themselves or others accidentally, and I never stopped keeping the list of the times they did it. Had the publication continued uninterrupted on a weekly basis, this would have been GunFAIL CXXXI. So, let’s get right to it for the week, then, shall we?

    My top story for the week has to be the Lancaster, Ohio, enthusiast who showed up to “guard” the Armed Forces Career Center recruiting station in his local strip mall, and then accidentally fired his very awesome-looking AR-15 into the parking lot pavement. …

    • Low Budget Dave commented on Jul 28

      Some of these events are completely logical. Since the NRA has decided that we cannot require training, competence, or even common sense, as a prerequisite to owning a gun, it stands to reason that a certain number of avoidable accidents will take place each day.

      The NRA is not really in favor of “gun rights” in this context, they are just in favor of guns. The people who were guarding the Armed Forces Career Center were not really “gun conservatives” so much as “gun radicals”.

      For example, gun extremists decided long ago that guns in the U.S. may not be built with NFC locks, fingerprint locks, or even code locks. (It is well known that any gun store owner who tries to sell such a gun – even to a willing buyer – will be threatened.)

      As a result of gun laws and intimidation, Americans can be assured that the “security” crowd in Lancaster, Ohio was as unsafe as possible. The only way they could have been more dangerous to innocent bystanders is if they had decided to set off fireworks to demonstrate their freedom.

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