China “Embraces” the Markets

Fantastic cover from this week’s Economist; I think we have different definitions of “embrace” . . .




Source: The Economist – China embraces the markets: A panicked response to tumbling stocks casts doubt on the pace of reform


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  1. Concerned Neighbour commented on Jul 13

    The word “markets” should have quotation marks surrounding it if it were honest, just as just about every use of the word should these days.

    Now that Greece is solved (and Greek democracy has been totally subverted), time to rally back to all-time highs and beyond? We don’t have far to go, after all…

  2. ch commented on Jul 13

    Can someone explain to me how what China is doing is different than what the U.S. did with short selling bans, getting rid of mark to market accounting for banks and TARP?

    • VennData commented on Jul 13

      OK. You could sell stocks under TARP, which is the whole thing China is doing.

      Regardless TARP worked to fix Bush’s Overleveraged Ownership Society nonsense.

      The Obama Rally worked because the government took debt off the hands of the people so demand could return.

      Demand Side economics. It works. Even if you miss the Obama Rally.

    • Concerned Neighbour commented on Jul 13

      This isn’t the Obama rally; it’s the central bank rally. Sarah Palin could have been president and the “there is no down” rally would have occurred.

      That said, Obama tried to do the right thing with fiscal stimulus. Unfortunately the “all government is evil” ideologues prevented it from happening.

      Bernie Sanders and his trillions of dollars of infrastructure spending plan is the correct prescription. Maybe he’ll be able to influence Clinton.

  3. willid3 commented on Jul 13

    well the way China ’embraces’ the ‘market’ might not exactly be what many would think it means.

  4. VennData commented on Jul 13

    I am so sorry for all the right wingers who prayed that the Chinese market would tank “everything.”

    Your bonds are being destroyed.

    Your political ideology is a funny joke.

  5. DeDude commented on Jul 13

    They embrace it in a suffocating bear hug.

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