Colbert: 9th Rock from the Sun

Stephen discusses the latest news from 4.67 billion miles away.


Source: The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

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  1. Rich in NJ commented on Jul 16

    So is it a planet or isn’t it?

  2. davebarnes commented on Jul 16

    Stephen is so funny.
    He makes astronomy interesting.


    ADMIN: If you need a comedian to make the incredible, spectacular, mind-boggling universe seem interesting, then you might need a significant reboot of your sense of wonder . . .

  3. orsogrigio commented on Jul 16

    Homo Sapiens is a strange species. He is able to dream, project, build and manage a thing able to ride up to Pluto, and reach there still perfectly working after 3464 days of a most difficult journey. But, in the same time is not able to solve a problem that requires 6th degree math, that is understand that in the ratio debt/GDP when the value of the fraction is >1 it is far better to work to increase GDP instead of reducing debt, and, moreover, if the cost (or service or increase) of debt is greater than increase in GDP the result is worse and worse, no way to get around. How this happens ? How is this possible ? Do this H.S. has the urgent need of rethinking a lot of things, or simply accept that problems solution requires UNbiased thinking ? I strongly suspect it, and a have a cold spider running down my spine : if biased thinking is useless (at best) to solve problems,there still is the second principleof thermodynamics taking care, and so statistically the outcome is the worst possible.

    • Moopheus commented on Jul 16

      One of those problems involves what we call ‘science’ and ‘engineering’, wherein measurable evidence is used to develop testable theoretical models and solutions to problems that are only considered acceptable when they actually produce the desired results. The other we call ‘economics.’

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