Five Big Brands Using Renewable Energy

Source: Make It Cheaper

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  1. theexpertisin commented on Jul 30

    An interesting exercise would be to create on August 1st, 2015 a $100,000,000. equal weight portfolio of the five companies above and an equal weight portfolio of Exxon, Shell, Chevron, PetroChina and, say, Kinder Morgen. Any thoughts on what portfolio would be a superior performer with total returns over the next five and ten years?

  2. orsogrigio commented on Jul 31

    Interesting, but it occurs me that those magnificent five are, let’s say, not so energy intensive business (and with a large footprint when it comes to Ikea and Walmart … they have a lot of roofs) In order to love renewables you need government subsidies, or the cost per kW will cool you down. To be clear, the only solution to have both a zero carbon emission and an economical convenient price is nuclear. All other ways have some glamour, enormous costs and difficulties (with current technology, if you could send sola factory in near space, e.g., situation would be different), but the great advantage that are popular, ecosomething and give lot of space to easy political rethoric . Easy, but not cheap: the costs of using renewables are huge, but this detail is forgotten. Of course the points about operational inefficiencies and buildings are most important, and should be a routine not only for business but also for homes. I myself cut my gas & electrical power bills at home by half, enjoying, moreover, a more comfortable living


    ADMIN: Walmart is an enormous energy consumer

    • orsogrigio commented on Jul 31

      ADMIN : sure,. but I guess Boeing or GM or Conoco or Illinois Tool Works have a far higher consumption per unit saleable product. Walmart consumes a lot of energy because it’s an enormous company … and has a lot of roof [in sqft] per employee

    • DeDude commented on Jul 31

      “costs of using renewables are huge”

      That simply is not true. Walmart of all companies would never do this if it wasn’t profitable. And given their customer base there is actually a negative publicity price to be paid. Solar panels are profitable for individual users in most of the US and for big commercial operations even more. Given the huge subsidies and giveaways to oil companies this would be even more true if all energy subsidies were removed.

  3. orsogrigio commented on Aug 1

    @DeDude : unfortunately it is not like that, I mean, renewables do are expensive: you should check the true costs, that is cost when there are no subsidies. Do not forget that sun doesn’t shime … at night and when it’s cloudy. Power is a 24/7 need …

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